Obama Sinks, Left Wing Freaks Out

I’ve noticed the trolls on the other blogs I read have gotten particularly shrill and obnoxious lately. This quote is a classic of the deranged troll genre:

  • See if any of the facts are capable of hitting you in that butter zone between the malted hops, meth, and brainwashing from Bible Spice that cloud your brains.

The lefties are in the weak position of defending an absurd proposition: That you can add 30,000,000 patients and 0 doctors to the health care system without rationing care. Anyone with common sense knows this is impossible. Unable to defend their proposition with facts or reason, they have to assert that those opposed to the proposition are evil and ignorant. i.e. “We can add 30,000,000 patients and 0 doctors without rationing because your side is ignorant and hateful.”

They also thought that the Mad Teleprompter Skills of their Obamassiah would keep people from figuring this out. But President Dum-Dum’s approval ratings are tanking, and Glenn Beck is devoting program after program to exposing the radical anti-Americans in the Cabinet of Czars; and clobbering Keith Uberdouche in the ratings while doing it.

I imagine the scene in Chris Matthews dressing room every time a new poll/ratings book comes out looks something like this…


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One response to “Obama Sinks, Left Wing Freaks Out

  1. The Doktor

    Looking at the still picture for the video I don’t even want to click on ”Play”. Yeesh!

    Doktor Discreet

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