Gandhi and the ObamaCare Protests

Like a dinosaur who stepped on a rock a few months ago and is only now beginning to wonder why his foot hurts, the newsmedia are beginning to get it that the anger in the townhalls isn’t from losing the election, and isn’t even just ObamaCare, and it isn’t ObamaCare plus the deficit either. It’s that a large segment of the population is fed up with politicians that won’t listen to them, and a Government that acts generally against their wishes.

And every time a Demonrat congressman hides in a union hall, astroturfs a town meeting to quash dissent, or kicks someone out for asking an unapproved question… the people just get angrier, because the politician has just validated the view that she doesn’t want to listen.

Maybe what Gandhi said was prophetic:
– First they ignore you. (“The tea parties don’t reflect the views of the majority of Americans.”)
– Then, they ridicule you. (“Tea-baggers!”)
– Then, they fight you. (Busing in the Union Thugs)
– Then, you win.

Let us hope the skinny, self-righteous little prig got that one right. Although, he could not have foreseen that the oppressors would fight back by playing the victim.

Protesting, it isn't just for hippies any more.

Protesting, it isn't just for hippies any more.


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