Organizing for America Math

OFA MathCheck out how many people have signed up to attend this rally for ObamaCare: 39,806,146,873

That’s six times the population of the Earth. WTF? Did everybody on DailyKox sign up each of the voices in their heads as a separate attendee.

If this is how bad Obamunists are at math, no wonder the deficit is out of control.

WTH is wrong with you retards!

WTH is wrong with you retards!



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3 responses to “Organizing for America Math

  1. Kevin R.

    They’ve pulled the entire post! LOL!!!

    When I checked out their website this morning I came across this picture:

    Maybe it’s just me but seeing a crowd waving preprinted signs saying Thank You, as in Thank You Obama for health care, makes me sick. What’s next, Thank You Obama for food! Thank You Obama for my home! Thank You Obama for the sunshine.


  2. That’s why I screencapped it.

  3. The Doktor

    That’s including the entire star system, I reckon.

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