ObamaCare … the MS Vista of Government Programs

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

I think the main problem the left is having with ObamaCare (or ChappaquiddiCare) is that they have treated it like an ad campaign, seeing the bill as a product to sell to the public. But they have not addressed the fundamental problems with the product they are trying to sell.

ObamaCare is the Microsoft Vista of government programs. The government is claiming it will solve all your problems and make your life perfect forever. But consumers see it as just another bloated program that will screw up everything that’s working fine right now.

The Government is also like Microsoft in that it’s become so pervasive, you can’t get away from it. Also like Microsoft, because of their exposure to the product, the public is broadly aware of its flaws. And both Microsoft and the Government are noted for Bloatware and indifference to the buying public.

The left are ill-equipped to handle this particular marketing campaign, because the Democrats have been lying and using euphemisms for so long, it’s left them with zero public trust that their words mean anything.

They no longer talk about “Taxing and Spending,” they talk about “Revenues and Investment,” which sounds so much more businesslike. But since the TARP bailout and the Spendulus, people have figured out that Revenues really are taxes, and Investments really mean pork.

The “Net Spending Cut” Obama promised during the campaign has turned into a massive increase in Federal spending, with $10 Trillion in deficits projected in the next ten years.

During the campaign, Obama denied that his soft-on-terrorist position would lead to terrorists receiving Miranda rights on the battlefield. Guess what? Terrorists are receiving Miranda Rights on the battlefield.

So, when the left tries to claim that the “Health Choices Commission,” isn’t a Death Panel, and its purpose isn’t to deny them treatment, people have had enough of the Orwellian Newspeak that they, wisely, choose not to trust them. Especially when the left’s propositions are counter-intuitive. If the purpose of “End of Life Counseling” in the bill isn’t to reduce costs by encouraging the sick and the elderly to Kevorkian themselves, then why is it in the bill? “Because it’s compassionate,” the left says, and no one believes them any more.

Just like no one believes them when they say the health care scheme won’t explode the deficit.

Just like no one believes them when they say “if you like your health care, you (probably) get to keep it.”

No matter how slick the ad campaign, people won’t buy your product if its no good.

Let’s just call it VistaCare.

VistaCare ... 80,000 Courics of Crap

VistaCare ... 80,000 Courics of Crap



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2 responses to “ObamaCare … the MS Vista of Government Programs

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  2. The Doktor

    ”VistaCare … 80,000 Courics of Crap”

    The turd don’t get much bigger than that. Bigger than Bono’s crap, even.

    You gotta be a big hole to pass that.

    Doktor Doodoo

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