If You Strike Me Down, I’ll Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Despite, or perhaps, because of, a boycott organized at the behest of Chairman Zero’s hardcore communist Green Jobs Czar Van Jones,  Glenn Beck now has a larger television audience than Queef Olbermann, Rachel Madcow, and Chrissy Matthews combined.

The reaction from the Democrat left was predictable.

Olbermann is reduced to claiming that he has the highest-rated news program on cable by claiming that FoxNews doesn’t count as a NewsChannel. This is like the Detroit Lions proclaiming themselves the best team in football by claiming that the Cowboys, Redskins, Colts et. al. are actually playing badminton.

Glenn Beck is now the left’s most hated figure, partly because his FoxNews program has been doing in-depth profiles of the radicals working at the White House and exposing the Obamunist agenda. But mostly, they hate him because he’s reaching people.

This isn't working, let's go attack Whole Foods.

This isn't working, let's go attack Whole Foods.



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2 responses to “If You Strike Me Down, I’ll Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

  1. The Doktor

    Glenn Beck is a true patriot for asking the questions the once ”Watchdog Press” refuse to. The White House (no racism intended, mind you) has been emailing him to refrain from using the term ”Green Czar” but they never answer his questions. Perhaps the vast quantity of questions is what confuses the White House.

    Shred by shred the Emperor is losing what little clothes he had to begin with. The media cannot cover this blatant poseur much longer. Even Democrats are wondering what might come next.

    Oh, and Olbermann has been on a different planet for quite some time. His head will pop on air very soon. Watch for it on YouTube!!!

  2. Cylar

    “Green czar” sounds like something that Lenin and the Bolsheviks would have had executed.

    And “Lenin and the Bolsheviks” sounds like a pretty cool name for a rock band, now that I think about it. Communist rock for the 21st century! They could sing songs about the workers’ paradise they are building, the capitalist swine at the record labels, and about everyone else overthrowing the imperialists and pulling together for the greater good. Their first album could be entitled, “Bread Lines.”

    I think it would be a hit with the Obama supporters.

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