It’s-okay-when-Democrats-do-it Watch

Top New Mexico Democrat Party officials (including the Secretary of State) indicted for fraud, embezzlement and money-laundering. Much like in New Jersey, where the arrest of 43 Democrats and 1 Republican was a “bi-partisan” corruption scandal.

Also, remember how the left had conniption fits over imaginary kickbacks from Halliburton to Dick Cheney? Apparently, real kickbacks to David Axelrod from pharmaceutical companies are no big deal.

But I’m sure the massive corruption and abuse of power by officials throughout the Democrat Party pales in comparison to the horror that Mark Sanford had a girlfriend in Argentina.

This country deserves a better class of criminal.

This country deserves a better class of criminal.


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One response to “It’s-okay-when-Democrats-do-it Watch

  1. Rignerd

    The difference is that we expect Republicans to be honest and truthful.
    There is and can be no such expectation of Democrats. If there is it would be of the honor amongst thieves sort. They won’t rat out their crack dealers, they will keep the checks on time to their mistresses and they will stay bought by the lobbyists, unions and special interest groups.

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