Militant Gays and the ACLU versus Fundamental Rights

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

An ACLU apologist objected to my (accurate) characterization of the ACLU as an organization that defends child rapists while seeking to sterilize the public square of any trace of Christian expression by claiming (among other things) that the ACLU cared only about protecting the “fundamental rights” of all people.

Clearly, this is not true, the most obvious example being that the ACLU has never defended anyone’s fundamental, Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Here is another example of rights the ACLU will not defend, property rights.

There is a plaza in Salt Lake adjacent to the Salt Lake Mormon Temple. During the 1990’s, the LDS Church approached the Salt Lake City Council with a plan to redevelop downtown Salt Lake City with the aid of hundreds of millions of dollars of private donations. As part of this redevelopment the Church wanted to purchase, at premium price, the block next to the Mormon temple to make it a park with a reflection pond and professional landscape.

The city council, led by leftist moonbat Rocky Anderson, agreed to sell the lot but not the public easement of “private property.” As a compromise, the city council agreed that no protests would be allowed on the public property purchased and developed by the Mormon Church. As soon as the property was purchased and developed, however, public protests against the Mormon Church began from every quarter of every group who had an axe to grind against the Mormons. Members who wanted to attend the sacred temple had to walk through groups of protesters with vulgar signs and actions.

The Church protested, and in the end had to purchase the public easement to reserve the right of “private property.” In essence, because the city did not honor its agreement, the LDS Church had to purchase the same lot twice, at premium price, so that its members could attend their temple without walking through a gang of people mocking them.

In fact, instead of respecting the fundamental property rights of the LDS church,  the ACLU sued to prevent the LDS Church from exercising property rights over property it paid for… twice.

Recently, two gay people were cited for trespassing after making out on that same piece of property that was purchased twice so that Mormons could walk to their temple while minding their own business. This led to sympathetic press and a national Gay PDA movement.

Call me a prude, if you will, but my take is that the right to own and secure property is far more “fundamental” to a free society than the “right” to make out in public.

Also, I got to wonder, if two gay dudes were making out on the playground of an elementary school during school hours, do you think they might also get cited for trespassing? If UC-Berkeley can have protesters arrested for trespassing on private property, why can’t the LDS church?

ACLU, You got a lot of growing up to do, buddy.

ACLU, You got a lot of growing up to do, buddy.

Thanks to: John the Egyptian for bringing this to my attention.



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5 responses to “Militant Gays and the ACLU versus Fundamental Rights

  1. Cylar

    Why did the Salt Lake City Council give the church such a hard time to start with? I thought that when a private entity purchased a piece of land, said entity was also receiving all rights thereto…within zoning regulations and applicable state & federal laws. (For instance, no you cannot smoke crack in your own home.)

    Is this a different case because the LDS church would be regarded as a nonprofit organization? Religious buildings generally don’t pay property tax for exactly this reason.

    For that matter, I was always under the impression that the LDS were such a potent force in Utah politics, that they generally got their way without even having to ask. Apparently I was mistaken.

    I’m not Mormon, but I wish other people would leave them alone in peace. I fail to see how they’re doing anything to anyone, other than to continue to argue for a moral lifestyle, and within acceptable channels at that.

    I wouldn’t appreciate my church being picketed and its members mocked as we came to and fro on a Sunday morning. I’d like to see the ACLU and its friends try this at a mosque or a synagogue sometime and see what happens to them.

  2. The ACLU has sued to stop Bibles from being distributed in prisons by private groups, but has said nothing about Korans being distributed, at taxpayer expense, to terrorists at Gitmo.

  3. Also Utah, like most other Rocky Mountain states, is being Californicated. Which is how a moonbat like Rocky Anderson got elected mayor of SLC.

  4. The Doktor

    ”Californicated”, eh? Now I know why all those ”Happy California Cows” are showing up in commercials. They’re singin’ and dancin’ and shootin’ milk at Alec Baldwin’s face.

    What in the hell in going on over there?

  5. Cylar

    You don’t want to know, Doktor.

    Gah. The idea that other states might become like us is terrifying. If they do, where will I flee once California finally becomes too oppressive to live in?

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