Alec Baldwin is an Idiot Seven Days a Week and Never Takes a Vacation

Alec Baldwin compares milk drinkers to Michael Vick.

[Vick] suffers an unfair disadvantage as compared to, say, the heads of a meatpacking plant or the directors of a medical research lab where animals are suffering the cruelest imaginable abuses behind walls and doors that remove them from our sight and, therefore, judgments. … Each day in this country, millions upon millions of animals are suffering lives of daily abuse in factory farming, but we turn away because that animal, unlike Vick’s dogs, ends up on a grill and then on our plates. …

Vick deserves another chance. One chance. Just like all of us who eat meat, drink milk, attend rodeos, circuses, zoos and horse races and yet find it easier to hand Vick the bill for all of the other, more systemic abuses in our society may find ourselves needing another chance one day. Just like Michael Vick.




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3 responses to “Alec Baldwin is an Idiot Seven Days a Week and Never Takes a Vacation

  1. The Doktor

    What is this? A ball-less actor hoping for a tit-less world? The folks in the entertainment media have been getting some pretty poor drugs lately. And it shows.

    We here in Illinois just missed giving that turd Vick his ”chance” with the Bears. But, every so often, Baldwin’s ugly mug shows up on my screen uninvited and it ticks me off. And I can believe he’s from another galaxy. He sure comes from way out past Pluto.

  2. Cylar

    It doesn’t even occur to these people that animals raised for food might be treated (and then slaughtered) humanely.

    It’s like Baldwin thinks that everyone who either does medical research on animals or produces animal products for a living, must be a cold-hearted sadist.

    My family grows its own beef. The cattle spend their lives freely grazing around a massive acreage in the hills, then are dispatched with a single shot to the head. True, the branding and ear-tagging portions aren’t pleasant…but those are over with fairly quickly and are usually not don’t need to be done more than once or twice over the lifetime of an individual animal. Gotta tell you, they aren’t fun for me and the rest of the help, either.

  3. The Doktor


    My car was run into by a black angus on my way home from work once. (I lived on a farm then.) Those sneaky bastids hide in the culverts and gullies and then dart out just when the sun’s going down. They’re almost stealthy at that light level.

    $2000 damage to my car and it got up and walked away.

    Doktor Nightrider

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