When Big Business and Big Government Agree… Beware

Contrary to the propaganda of the left, the big insurance companies quietly support ObamaCare. Why? Simple. the individual mandates that require every person to purchase fully-loaded insurance policies is a gold mine.

Phil Kerpen, Policy director of Americans for Prosperity, explains:

Under this plan, the government would actually require by law that every American purchase a particular product from a small group of favored companies. Not surprisingly, a lobbyist for a major health insurance company recently told me this is precisely the outcome his employer wants. This explains why — contrary to popular belief — the major industry players are not funding any of the groups broadly opposed to big-government health care plans.

It’s like the Government ordering everyone to go out and buy a Cadillac, Lexus, Lincoln, or BMW. The big car companies would be delighted with such a plan. For the consumer who only needs a Hyundai or a Volkswagen, and who is instead forced to boy a fully-loaded Escalade, it’s not sucha great deal.

Maybe you don't need a Ferrari Health Care Plan

Maybe you don't need a Ferrari Health Care Plan



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4 responses to “When Big Business and Big Government Agree… Beware

  1. Cylar

    Funny how the Left always seems to think that Big Business and Big Government are two opposing forces…when in fact these two titans stand shoulder-to-shoulder as often as not. It’s small businesses and the general public that often winds up decimated by both.

    This doesn’t surprise me a bit. I’m sure companies like Progressive, Geico, and AAA were just “up in arms” when California passed a law requiring everyone to purchase liability insurance on their personal vehicles.

  2. The Doktor

    That ”Governator” guy has worked out real good.

    All sarcasm aside, I actually thought that Arnold would be a great Governor. I mean, he came here with hardly anything, worked hard, got good breaks but took advantage of them by using good old American know-how. He was closer to Conservative than Liberal in his thinking, talking, and actions.

    But then he got elected.

    The Doktor’s Life Lesson for the Day

  3. Cylar

    Yes, Doktor, we had high hopes for him out here too, even though he showed every indication of being a fiscal moderate and social liberal. So often in California politics, the choices are simply “bad” and “worse.”

    Electing a politician who will actually govern from the right and roll back government….hah!

  4. The Doktor

    Well, at least Arnold gave one of the best lines in movie history – in ”Raw Deal” after his drunken ”wife” throws a cake at him – – –

    ”You should not drink and bake!”

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