Obamunists Scream Like Little Girls

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Leftists are going nuts because one protester… one… was openly carrying a gun in the same town where President DumDum was giving his phony townhall, with the pre-screened audience, and the planted little girls who happened to be the daughters of Democrat activists. Whether it’s Carlos Watson drenching his underwear on MSDNC, or the usual idiot leftist commenters in blogs

It doesn’t matter that New Hampshire is a state in which open carry is legal, or that the man was on private property a mile from where the president was addressing his crowd of drooling zombies… “He had a gun with him, and that’s clearly a threat to shoot the president,” the lefties see.

Question: Does this mean every man within a mile of the president who has a penis with him is clearly threatening to rape the president?

Hey! Don't point that thing at the president.

Hey! Don't point that thing at the president.



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2 responses to “Obamunists Scream Like Little Girls

  1. The Doktor

    I forget (happens a lot lately) where I made a comment about this thing. When I read the alleged article describing this ”person” it never said what happened to him (captured by security??) and did not give his name.

    Now, let’s all our Political Math and note that this 2+2 scenario equals PLANT. Example: Ol’ Bugeyes Pelosi mentions a swastika and now all of the media and Leftist drumbeat is NAZIS!!!! Someone (on MSNBC I think) makes a comment that Hussein has had over 400 death threats and now – Shazam!!! – there’s a Right-Wing Kook with a gun at a town hall meeting (er, Propaganda Extravaganza) who subsequently melts away into the crowd and ”disappears”.

    Say, how much does that swamp land cost again?

    Doktor Sucker

  2. Cylar

    I believe a similar incident took place in Arizona, where open-carry is legal w/o a permit.

    Interestingly I watched this on a local-news program intended for residents of Chicago (though I don’t live anywhere near there)…and after they finished running this story, the anchors announced a poll on the station’s website:

    “Do you think people should be able to carry unconcealed weapons near the President?”

    The question was overlaid on a background with lots of big scary pistols and rifles. Gee, I wonder how that poll turned out. Makes me glad that residents of Chicago don’t have any ultimate say on the laws that apply in other states. Oh, wait…

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