A Fair Compromise

The Obamacrats have their panties in a wad about being compared to Nazis. So, maybe we need to back off. I offer the following compromise:  If Obama backs off the goon squads, fires the eugenicists (John Holdren and Ezekial Emmanuel) from his advisers, stops talking about killing the unproductive, stops socializing the economy and nationalizing industries, stops screwing over Israel to the benefit and kissing up to genocidal Muslim regimes, and stops all the cult of personality/Leni Reifenstahl crap … we’ll stop comparing him to Hitler.

Sound fair?

Ceci n'est pas un National Socialist.

Ceci n'est pas un National Socialist.


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3 responses to “A Fair Compromise

  1. The Doktor

    I say we hold a lot of town hall meetings in C&C states and invite all SEIU members to attend. ”Organizing for America” folks get a special invite – bus service!

    Meet y’all in Texas!!

    Doktor Dilute

  2. Cylar

    It’s always struck me as a bit funny that the people who spent 8 years comparing Bush to Hitler (or who at least nodded approvingly), suddenly have a big problem with someone saying the same thing about Obama.

    They used that name to describe a president who laid his entire political career on the line to free 25 million Iraqis from one of the most brutal and threatening dictators of our time. Said president also launched a massive counterassault on Afghanistan, which had just hit the United States with the largest attack on its soil in over 200 years of history. Instead of simply occupying the country and plundering anything worth taking as the Soviets had attempted to do…

    …in both cases, President Bush overthrew the repressive regime that was in power, and held elections aimed at installing a new government which respects basic human rights.

    Obama, meanwhile, attempts to nationalize the healthcare, banking, insurance, and automotive industries. His DHS secretary calls the political opposition “crazies” and suggests that they’re planning to collaborate with returning veterans to overthrow the government. Rumors swirl of camps under construction to house these enemies of the state. Massive pieces of legislation are on their way through the Obama-allied Reichstag, er, I mean, Congres…which would take away most of our choices in healthcare providers and how much carbon we can emit. Rumor also has it that the new Administration will attempt to reinstate draconian gun control laws like the “assault weapons ban” and speech-control-laws like the mis-named “Fairness Doctrine.”

    Go on. Take a look at these two presidents and you tell me which one looks more like Hitler.

    For over 60 years, the words “Nazi,” “brownshirt,” and “fascist” have always been crude things to call someone and are out-of-line 99% of the time. But if it walks like a brownshirt, talks like a Nazi, and quacks like a fascist…

    Well, you know.

  3. The Doktor


    Sehr korrekt. But more apropos would be ”honks like a Nazi and goosesteps like a Nazi”. At least SEIU had the foresight not to use brown for their t-shirts.

    Doktor Geburt-er

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