Our Idiot President Compares ObamaCare to the Postal Service

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

There was the usual lying (“I have never supported a single payer system”) and the usual question from Demonrat plants in the audience, but the dumbest remark in Obama’s hand-picked, pre-screened, invitation-only “townhall meeting was this one:

“UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. … It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.”

Dear Leader’s best example of how he wants Government Health Care to work is the Post Office, which he admits is having problems. I’ll say. Taking two months to deliver a small package from my home in Maryland to Seattle Washington does not give me warm fuzzies about government-run health care.

Not to mention, UPS and FedEx don’t compete with the post office for mail delivery. They are not legally allowed to. And the subsidized post office is billions and billions in the red.

I suppose this means we can expect, under ObamaCare, the every once in a while a doctor or a nurse is going to go nuts and start shooting up the place.

The Government can’t handle a basic task like delivering the mail, but they’re going to run health care like a Swiss clock… you betcha!

"Wanna get high?"

"Wanna get high?"



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15 responses to “Our Idiot President Compares ObamaCare to the Postal Service

  1. The Doktor

    I want a Towlie t-shirt!! Because, since I won’t have a chance in hell to get well with the swell Bill Hussein is trying to sell, at least I can escape reality.

    Oh, wait, would that me me a Leftist?? Eh, mail it to me anyway.

  2. Cylar

    Doktor, do you have a blog of your own? If so, I’d like to drop by and read it. If not, would you consider starting one…?

  3. Cylar

    Yeah, that’s one of the more disturbing aspects of this whole scheme. Health insurance – brought to you by the creators of the USPS, the IRS, and the Veterans’ Administration. (Technically the DMV doesn’t count, as it’s a state office.)

    I feel healthier already, don’t you?

  4. Dave B

    I speak from experience dealing with local, state, and federal agencies. A simple formula that I have come up with on my own is as follows: private industry will cost “x”. Local services for exactly the same thing will cost “2x”, State “3x”, and Federal at least four times the cost for achieving the exact same thing. As far as the efficiency of delivering a product… I’m still calculating but it doesn’t look good.

  5. Follow the money. It will lead you to the bastards behind the cynical schemes they plot for the rest of us.


  6. The Doktor’s been invited to blog here, but he has better things to do.

  7. Goldenae

    Dave B:

    At times, I wish you guys could get your wish. If the U.S. Postal Service ever fails, let’s see what UPS and FedEx will charge then. They are already higher, but I bet they would take advantage of the void and charge people an arm and a leg for postage. Sometimes people need to get what they ask for so they can learn the hardway. Half of you guys are so cynical about government that it takes private industry screwing you for you to learn a lesson. Almost without fail, if the government is involved in something, private industry did not want to do it or completely corrupted it. We would not need so much regulation if companies and individuals would honestly regulate themselves. People should be more angry at individuals that corrupt systems than the government that often tries to remedy those type situations.

  8. Thanks for displaying the complete ignorance of economics for which the left is renown.

    In a freely competitive economy, companies don’t get to charge whatever they want and screw over the consumer. A company that did that, and had to compete with companies that did not, would soon go out of business.

    The only time companies get away with bad service and gouging consumers is when regulations destroy competition; as is the case in the cable industry where strict regulation deprives people of competitive choices.

    It’s naive to think that Government is always on the side of ‘the people.’ When, in fact, well-connected lobbyists use the power of regulation to stifle competition and create tax loopholes that benefit the few at the expense of the many; ask Chris “Countrywide” Dodd or Joe “Capitol One” Biden about that.

  9. goldenae


    It is very easy to TRY and be insulting, but to succeed when you are ill-equipped is often a challenge.

    Not much of what you said makes any sense. You mentioned the cable company. But think about what you said, even if what you thought was true, nothing about regulation makes an honest company screw people. I own a business. Regardless of how much regulation comes down on me, it will not make me screw my customers. If I decide to do that, I made that choice, not the regulation. Did regulation make the gas companies goug customers when Hurricane Katrina devastated some areas? Did regulations make that company knowingly sell tainted peanut butter to customers? Do regulations make airlines fly planes that have not passed inspections?

    I never said that government was always on the side of the people. But I do know that government protects your butt in a lot of ways that you could never protect yourself. Regardless of what system you have, government or private, there are people out there that are going to try to manipulate the system to their advantage. I simply get tired of people like you that want to act as if they are intellectually superior, when they are not. Tell us when the last time you inspected an airplane before you got on it or tested a bridged before you drove over it. What about your food? For people like you, I wish that you could be given the responsibility of doing all the things the government does for you that you seem to have such a problem with.

    Lastly, if you call someone ignorant, be sure you know what you are talking about.

  10. son of a preacher man

    That concept of supply and demand is a real bitch.

  11. goldenae

    If the system was purely supply and demand, that might be somethng, but its not. We have been told that our system is straight supply and demand, but its not.

  12. son of a preacher man

    I did not say anything about our system, I said the concept of …

  13. The Doktor

    Gregory of Yardale
    August 13, 2009 at 2:00 am

    The Doktor’s been invited to blog here, but he has better things to do.

    G-Dude! I have made a request to get your email to post (check your ”About” page). And on at least two older (much older) threads I asked how to contact you or to send ”things and stuff” to you.

    I would love to, from time to time, offer up some material for your approval and subsequent posting. You make it sound like I don’t want to. That is definitely not the case. I enjoy your blog very much and have seen your posts elsewhere (that ”Yardale” thingy is quite distinctive). You should have my email (used with every one of my posts) so contact me whenever you can.

    And Cylar, thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m just someone, like you, who has something to say at times. You say it well as well.

    The Doktor of Webshire

  14. Abogado Pete

    The postal service cannot fail, no matter how many tax dollars it consumes. It’s in the Constitution. Check it if you don’t believe me (Art. 1, Sec. 8).

    If we approach any business model with an understanding that profit is optional but funding is always available (tax dollars), the potential for incompetence is infinite. And planning for tomorrow is unnecessary.

    UPS and FedEx have to use today’s profits to plan for tomorrow.

    Compare this to insurance. The 3.1% profit that Pelosi says is evil fails to take into account 1) the investment of those who put up money yesterday to provide you a service today, and 2) the money that must be held today as contingency for tomorrow.

    Neither of those are a concern of the government. Because in their minds, the taxpayers have a bottomless pocket.

  15. Cylar

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the latest developments on the healthcare bill? It’s been headlines for a day or so now that the public option is going to be stripped out in favor of some kind of nonprofit “cooperative” setup. Senator Richard Shelby (R-GA) calls it “a step in the right direction.” Is it?

    Rumor has it we have Sen Kent Comrade, I mean, Conrad…D-ND, to thank for this.

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