Obamacrats announce list of acceptable questions for townhall meetings

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Dissent ceased to be patriotic on 01.20.2009. But in their spirit of generosity to us wingnut losers, the Democrats have announced they will allow legitimate questions at townhall meetings if you submit them in advance and listen politely.

The following is a list of what the Obamunists consider appropriate questions:

  • “How could anyone possibly oppose the perfect health care plan proposed by our handsome and wise president, that will ensure perfect health care for everyone without adding to the deficit or leading to any form of rationing?”
  • `The Obama Health Care plan seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why is it so popular?’
  • “I have an elderly relative who is concerned about the Medicare cuts that some say are included in the Health Care Bill. Is there some sort of pill I could give them to make them shut up?”
  • “Why do people who oppose ObamaCare hate America so much?”
  • “I’m concerned about the deficit. Can I have a hug?”
  • “What has most charmed and enchanted you about cleaning up the horrific mess left by Bush and the Republicans over the past eight years?”
  • “Economists say that taxing the top 5% won’t pay for this program. Should I report those economists to flag@whitehouse.gov?”
  • “How’s the puppy doing?”
Don't ask questions, just board the unicorn-powered airship to Obamunist Utopia

Don't ask questions, just board the unicorn-powered airship to Obamunist Utopia



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31 responses to “Obamacrats announce list of acceptable questions for townhall meetings

  1. The Doktor

    Wow. An ”Imaginationland” picture to depict the despicable Husseiniacs. Remember, we – as ‘regular’ people – have the power. Imagine that!

  2. The Doktor

    BTW – How is the puppy doing?

  3. Cylar

    BTW – How is the puppy doing?

    I hope he fares better than “Buddy,” that black lab that the Clintons picked up to lock in the soccer-mom vote. Poor thing was playing with a contractor working on the Clintons’ new digs in Chappaqua, who then got into a truck and drove off. The dog chased the truck as it was pulling away, was hit by another vehicle and died. Rush Limbaugh actually dedicated the back cover of his newsletter to the dog, and used the occasion to scold the Clintons for yet another cheap political stunt.

    And I hate to ask the obvious query, but doesn’t a list of pre-approved questions sort of defeat the purpose of a Townhall? (Oops, there I go being logical again. My bad.)

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  5. goldenae

    I want to see Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity come from behind the microphone and have townhalls with people that are not blind supporters of them. That will never happen because they can not operate outside of controlled environments. They want to challenge everyone, but from a safe distance and never allow themselves to be challenged. How is it that in a nation of millions, they never seem to have time to answer a liberal caller that gets a chance to make a logical point? I think it is reasonable for people to expect a conversation at a townhall and not a shouting match. Hannity and Limbaugh want arguing, fussing and fighting because they know that is what they feed off of and into. They are not interested in people trying to discuss things in a sensible manner.

  6. Cylar

    They want to challenge everyone, but from a safe distance and never allow themselves to be challenged.

    Have you actually spent five minutes listening to either of them? Because if you have, you wouldn’t say this.

    Or, like most liberals, are you simply repeating what others have told you about these guys – instead of finding out for yourself?

    “Conversation” at a Townhall would be fine – but it’s not happening until Congressmen understand that they’re there to LISTEN to constituents who pay the politician’s salary. Not the other way around.

  7. Goldenae

    Actually, I have listened to them everyday for about 9 years. I know they heavily screen their calls to exclude individuals that can make a good point. Also, neither one of them would do what the Congresspeople are doing, yet they want to criticize. Rush Limbaugh would never open himself up to any type of debate where there are people with coherent points. If you can name when he has done it, I would love to know. At least Hannity will show up at events that are not completely tilted in his favor.

    However you want to phrase it is fine. But the way some people are conducting themselves at the townhall meetings, they must not want people to listen to them. If you respect someone, you do not yell and scream in their face or shout out things and not give them an opportunity to respond. That is acting like a child. So, regardless of what the duties of a Congressperson is, citizens have a responsibility to be respectful, especially if they want to be heard, as you claim. You know darn well, it is not about being heard. It is about being disruptive and getting attention from it.

  8. Cylar

    Actually, I have listened to them everyday for about 9 years.

    LYeah, sure you have. Anyone who has listened that long would know them better than this.

    I know they heavily screen their calls to exclude individuals that can make a good point.

    And how do you “know” this exactly? Are you sitting in the call screener’s chair? If you’re so certain of it, why have you wasted nine years waiting to hear an honest debate?

    You see, it’s entirely possible that there are no calls like that taken on-air, because they simply don’t exist. There aren’t any good points to be made about this, because I don’t hear Obama, Peloisi, or Steny Hoyer making them. Rush sure as hell isn’t screening THEM.

    But the way some people are conducting themselves at the townhall meetings, they must not want people to listen to them.

    If people didn’t care about being listened to, they wouldn’t show up in the first place, now would they? The entire point of this exercise is to let Congress know what’s going to happen to their seats if they pass this boondoggle.

    If you respect someone, you do not yell and scream in their face or shout out things and not give them an opportunity to respond.

    Neither do you send purple-shirted thugs to wail on them. It’s like you didn’t read the article here at all.

    That is acting like a child.

    And getting violent with protestors is acting like a bully.

    You know darn well, it is not about being heard. It is about being disruptive and getting attention from it.

    I’d probably be willing to grant you some credibility on this point if I saw you condemn the way people behave when Ann Coulter or some other high-profile conservative tries to speak at a college campus, but your outrage seems to be selective.

    Keep in mind these Congressmen work for us, not the other way around. That’s the big difference here. And I also doubt very much that there has been any such rowdiness at events where the Congressman already is opposed to nationalizing health care.

    Good grief, you’re clueless.

  9. Goldenae

    I know that because I can compare the type of callers they have from a pool of millions to the type of callers local talk shows have from a very limited pool. Without fail, the liberals that get through on national shows like Limbaugh are rarely articulate or can make a point, whereas on the local level, such callers are abundant. It does not take a rocket scientist to see something is up with that.

    I am simply pointing out to you that actions cause reactions. If people just want to yell and scream at someone and not have them respond, they should make a DVD or CD and send it to them. But mature people say what they have to say and allow the other person an opportunity to respond.

    You do not know me, you do not know what my position on liberal disruptors are. It is the same, it accomplishes nothing. As I stated, you will not find Democratic/liberal leaders encouraging people to go do that to Ann Coulter either. When you try to stop people from talking, you must fear what they have to say. No one should fear what Coulter or anyone like her has to say, it is all hyperbole.

    I actually thought conservatives could defend their positions better than you all are able to. You claim I am clueless because I take time to look into issues before I jump on them. I have studied talk radio and there is a method to it. If you can not see that, you may need to rethink who is clueless and who is not.

  10. Abogado Pete

    Rush made a good point the other day. Any person that works in or runs a business participates in a townhall every day. If you don’t listen, you go out of business or get fired. Anyone who has to work for a living knows that. But most politicians, and certainly not Barack Obama, have never done that.

    These townhalls aren’t about listening at all. I attended one yesterday. 1 1/2 hours. 50 minutes of pro-Obama speeches followed by “randomly selected” questions. A crowd of 5-6,000 people, and the questioners were not given a microphone. The speakers deliberately misrepresented the questions, then read the answers from talking points.

    That is a formula for frustration and anger. And it’s deliberate.

    Don’t believe me? Try this in your personal relationships. Next time your significant other speaks, cut him/her off. Then tell her she’s full of hate. Then give a 50 minute lecture about how you’ve already decided what’s best for her. Then when she gets angry, tell her she’s a belligerent, racist, loudmouth who refuses to have a “conversation.”

    Good luck with that. Hope you have the number of a good divorce lawyer. You’re gonna need it.

    By the way, it’s not Rush’s job to run a townhall, it’s his job to keep an engaged audience. Or is the radio business another we’ve decided “shouldn’t be allowed to make a profit?”

  11. Goldenae


    Look at what you said, filled with bias. First of all everyone is not a business owner, I happen to be one, but even if I was not, that does not mean that business owners some how have a better knowledge of what life is all about. It is very ignorant to say that Obama has never worked for a living just because he has never owned a business. The things he did required a lot of dedication and intelligence. If you can not see that or admit to that, you just want to be the type of person that takes shots.

    Your analogy sucks. Because if my wife stood up and started yelling, pointing fingers, holding up nasty signs, etc., she would not be setting the proper tone for a discussion. None of the Senators I have seen and especially President Obama have been disrespectful to the people at the townhall. However, respect is a two-way street. You want to act like people have a right to be as disrespectful as they would like and whomever should just sit there and take it. That has actually happenned for the most part, so I do not see what your complaint is. You are complaining about about people not listening, but wont recognize that yelling and being disrespectful is not the way to be heard.

    As for Rush, he does not want anything to run smoothly. Rush’s goal is to make as much money as he can and he knows that harmony does not make that happen. Chaos earns him more money and gets you more frustrated. So, while you are out there advocating disrupting civil conversation, you are basically padding the pockets of folks like Rush who thrive on controversy. Tell me how Rush profits from civility and peace? He doesnt.

  12. goldenae


    I do not know if you fall into this category or not, but I am simply making a statement. Everytime you disagree with a person does not mean they are lying. Sometimes people simply have different perspectives on things and simply want to do something different than you would. A lot of people, especially on this blog seem to be infatuated with trying to prove everyone is lying. Sometimes politicians do lie, but sometimes, they are just doing something different than you would.

  13. When a politician says he’s going to cover millions more people without blowing up the deficit, raising taxes on the middle class, or rationing, I know he’s lying because that proposition is impossible.

  14. Also, when Obama claims “I have never supported a single payer system,” but is on videotape saying “I support a single payer system,” I assume he’s lying.

  15. goldenae

    What you should say is that it is impossible for you to envision such a thing, but not that it is impossible for it to happen because it is not. Also, there are no perfect solutions to any problem. Every solution has pros and cons. The problem with healthcare is cost, so proposing any plan that claims to cut cost will involve something not receiving as much money as it did before, that is the purpose. IF you want to cut back your personal spending, you should not expect to be doing the same things. Something has to change. The key is finding the right balance. This healthcare debate is a perfect example of people thinking you can get everything you want at the same cost, you can not. It is just said how quickly people are to call someone a liar or say that their intentions are bad when they have no idea.

  16. The Doktor

    I smell ”Organizing for America”. Anyone else?

    I want to see Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity come from behind the microphone and have townhalls with people that are not blind supporters of them

    You can go and see Sean Hannity at any one of his personal appearances. I think it costs money for a ticket, though. And as for Rush . . . .

    I’m a musician and at our rehearsal last night a bandmate expressed his viewpoint on playing in a band – – –

    ”Life is too short to play shitty songs with people you can’t stand.”

    Some sort of a life lesson is in there somewhere.

    Doktor Devise

  17. goldenae

    Hannity is surely more accessible than Rush, but still hypocritical because neither trys to have an honest debate as they claim.

  18. Abogado Pete


    Yes, I am biased. As everyone should be. I come at every problem from the perspective of an American that wants the best for my family, friends, and America.

    Not that you don’t. But to suggest I shouldn’t have a bias is … unfair.

    Further, you said “things he did required a lot of dedication and intelligence.” And how does this negate my point? Business owners must be kind, respectful, and provide a needed good or service. But a politician or community activist need be none of the above.

    (I note that you did not name your business. This is likely because you don’t want to potentially alienate 50+% of your customer base. That’s wise — as I am doing the same. But a politician has no such fear. They need only please their contributors.)

    I don’t respect politicians simply because they were elected. Period. And I owe no one an apology for that stance. Representatives of the people are servants. We are the customer. Not the other way around. Except in _________ (insert name of socialist dictatorship). If they don’t like it, they can look for a job in the private sector.

    And you said “Rush … does not want anything to run smoothly.”
    So it’s me that has the bias?

    Rush believes in conservative principles. Conservatism is an overarching philosophy that requires consistency of thought and dedication to the betterment of *ALL* people.

    Many of the principles may *feel* bad (such as expecting all people to strive for personal excellence and fulfillment) because they sometimes hurt or make people sad. But they are long-term goals. Like disciplining a child does not provide immediate pleasure. But a well raised child will have a better life and will better the life of others.

    We oppose the health care proposal not because we want things to “not run smoothly.” We oppose it exactly because *smooth* is not the goal. The goal is the betterment of all society. We do this out of love for all, not hate. It may not *feel* that way. But it’s true.

    And what’s more, is that I keep hearing conservatives want the ‘status quo.’ Again, a straw man. We are being forced to defend a punch in the face when presented with the option of repeated punches to the face. The current system is a labyrinth of liberal concoction that took 75 years to create. We didn’t endorse any of it. But taking us further into the abyss is hardly the way out.

    And furthermore, my analogy “sucked” no more than yours. Keep in mind, they came to us with a bill(s) they had created. So they got their first word in the conversation. Now it is our turn to speak. And I intend to do exactly that. Even if it hurts feelings.

  19. Abogado Pete

    Btw goldenae,

    You will note that in my initial response I was careful to say “Any person that *works in* or runs a business participates in a townhall every day.”

    Emphasis on “works in.” One does not have to own a business to understand pleasing customers and the boss.

  20. Abogado Pete

    Btw goldenae,

    I’m sorry to keep coming at you, but you say a lot that requires comment. You seem like a good person, so don’t take it wrong.

    Many people who oppose the health care plan have different reasons. For instance, the leftist Lyndon LaRouchers. I cannot take responsibility for all the plan’s detractors.

    I’m sure you’ve had instances where you were debating a point and some incendiary a-hole started defending your position. These people don’t speak for you or me. But they don’t undermine my argument.

    I don’t hold you responsible for the person that assaulted my girlfriend at Tuesday’s town hall. My girlfriend pointed out that it’s difficult to argue against 5 different bills (source: liberal Camille Paglia). The assailant declared my girlfriend to be ‘an idiot.’ To which my girlfriend replied, ‘No, you’re an idiot.” The assault by the 200 lb beast on my 105 lb g-friend ensued.

    You are not responsible for that. And conservatives are not responsible for Lyndon LaRouche. His attacks come from the left.

    Nonetheless, the President, Pelosi, and Reid have put forward written health bills. This gives us a clear view of their plans and defines the threat it presents to our liberty. Our arguments are against a real, written thing. And I’ve read enough of it to see the clear contrast between what Obama and Pelosi say and what the written language says.

    Conservative health plans have been available for years and are consistently rejected. If you would like to argue against any of them (see: Sally Pipes, for instance), it would be helpful. Putting up straw men and shooting them down is not constructive.

  21. GoldenAE

    No need to apologize, at least you feel seriously enough about your positions to defend them. I do not agree with a lot you have said, and will address it, but you have responded as opposed to throwing rocks and ducking like a lot of people on these blogs do.

    You have a legitimate position to oppose the health care plan. But what is not reasonable are the attached assertions that a lot of people are coming up with. I do not have a problem with anyone being against the program for whatever reason. But what I do have a problem with are the mischaracterizations and the designating people as villians because they have a different point of view. My view of Rush Limbaugh is based on years of study and documented things he has said and done, this is just another example.

  22. GoldenAE


    Also, If your girlfriend was attacked, that is ridiculous. I think any behavior like that on either side is foolish and a waste of time. Like people who stand up doing speeches and yell out crazy stuff, I have never supported that. That is the only issue I have with these townhalls. I do not care or mind that people are upset. But I think it is nuts for people to shout down a Senator because it does not get us anywhere. I do not have a problem with people having ugly signs or whatever, but there is a line that should not be crossed. Let’s not talk about killing anyone, the blood of tyrants, nazis, facists, etc., all of that is overboard regardless of who makes the charge.

  23. GoldenAE


    You seem to have a little of something I have noticed in a lot of conservatives. They seem fixated on diminishing Obama’s accomplishments, abilities, etc. You would be hard-pressed to show that because George Bush was a business owner that he possessed some insights that Obama does not possess. Bush basically inherited business and as well as a Presidency. Also, there are tons of businesses that are not required to be honest, kind or anything to a customer because customers need their service.

    I personally did not mention the name of my company because it is totally irrelevant to the conversation. I have absolutely no fear of people knowing my opinions because I am always respectful, honest and know that my blessings come from above. I have no fear of someone taking something from me that they have no power to give.

    As for Rush, nobody that defends him will ever take the challenge. I have listened to Rush almost everyday for 9 years, I know his game. A man of his intelligence does not get taken out of context everytime the issue involves race. Often he injects race into an issue where it does not exist, like claiming Obama killed the three black Somali pirates. Or mentioning that the guy who does his parodies is Paul Shanklin, the “white” comedian. The same Rush that often has Mr. Snerdley(a black guy), do a “black” interpretation for black folks where he talks ghetto or “black”. Saying the guy that killed Martin Luther King was a hero, etc. There is so much stuff out there that the folks that act as if he is a good asset have to pretend they do not know his history.

    Your definition of “conservatism” is interesting because whenever I look at a point in history where people where trying to get basic civil, human or voting rights, conservatives opposed. Even the good positions conservatives have contain an ugly slant to them. How can a nation founded on illegal immigration oppose people freely coming to the country? How can people that claim to be so concerned about the unborn and be against most things that help the living? I am a Christian, but conservative Christianity in the South are some of the most racist people you can find.

    You have the impression that some principles may make some people “feel” bad, to me, that has always been ridiculous. Hard work, etc. is not a conservative principle. Conservatives seem to be unable to be realist about situations. Think about this, if everyone in the United States had a PhD, there would still need to be people that picked fruit, picked up garbage, flipped hamburgers and did things that people currently get paid minimum wage. So, what does that say for reality where everyone can not be a PhD? That means that people will have various degrees of success, even the people that do everything right. Add to that Christian beliefs, that “the poor will be with you always”. So, that means regardless of what we do, that condition will exist for some people. Add to that “money is the root of all evil”. That being true, it should not be pursued to the degree that conservatives advocate.

    I have a Masters in Public Health and you may think opposing healthcare reform is what is best for everyone, but I do not see it that way. First of all, healthcare should not be the “brass ring” that a lot in the medical industry that some have made it. Compare what doctors make now compared to the what they made in the early 1900s. Doctors today get paid more for doing less. Today, there are all sorts of lab test, etc. that do a lot of the work for Doctors. The average person in the US made the same in 2008 as they did in 2000. You can be sure that did not apply to doctors. So, one problem with our system is systematic greed where everyone involved things they should get rich for treating a sick person.

    The only reason that the majority of people do not support another healthcare system is because most people have little interaction with it until they are seriously ill or hurt. Anyone that has stayed in the hospital for more than a couple of days and recieved all of the bills that come along with it, welcome something new.

    I respect your opposition. People need to realize that spirited, but civil opposition makes most things better. But insulting, name calling not only messes up the current situation, but often taints future one. Imagine working on a project with someone today that calls you an idiot, you will remember that whenever you work with that individual. It is just not productive. I emphasize that some folks are not trying to be productive, so insults are part of their gameplan. Those folks need to be kicked to the curb so grown folks can try to solve the problem.

  24. GoldenAE

    Why do some act like it is so absurd to compare what is being told to you or what you think to something like the documentary “Sicko”? Even if half of the things in “Sicko” are true, most of the things we have been told about government healthcare is false.

  25. Abogado Pete

    Thanks GoldenAE, we’ll just have to accept that we disagree about health care.

    But 3 final points.

    1.) I didn’t vote for George Bush and don’t appreciate constantly being told that if I disagree with Obama, I then have to defend Bush.

    2.) You’ll note that the theme of this site is South Park. South Park often makes fun of society’s obsession with race and how it gets injected into every controversy (note the character “Token”).

    When I referenced my girlfriend being assaulted, I failed to mention that she is Hispanic and the attacker was white. It didn’t seem relevant. But I’m mentioning it now in order to shake up preconceived notions. Some might call that ‘satire.’ Others might claim it’s racist. You be the judge.

    3.) “Saying the guy that killed Martin Luther King was a hero.” You never heard that on Rush’s show. But once you track down the source of that lie, perhaps you’ll start pulling back the curtain on those that lied to you.


    P.S. Look up Lyndon LaRouche. You might be surprised what you find. I just watched Maddow refer to the LaRouche signs as “right wing.” Wow! What propaganda. The signs even have the web site address right on them: http://www.larouchepac.com … and Maddow knows that … but she’s counting on you not to notice.

  26. Goldenae

    I am always open to learning the truth and I hope you would be as well. I honestly do not know what spell Rush has cast on people that does not allow them to do their own research about him, but it is a simple thing.


    South Park is a cartoon, hopefully folks do not take it seriously. Millions take Rush seriously and either he is entertainment or honest, but surely not both. Let’s focus on this one thing for a second and see what we come up with?

    Comment on my blog, “Requirements of a Modern-day Conservative”.

  27. Goldenae

    You have confounded me a little with the LaRouche link because he does not appear to be “left wing” to me. From his website, LaRouche is clearly pretty “right”, at least on the topics I see being discussed, so how was Maddow incorrect?

  28. Abogado Pete


    “LaRouche is clearly pretty ‘right'”
    And I have bias?

    You’ve totally lost my respect. Look him up on Wikipedia or just google his name. It’s sick the way liberals assume anything that offends them must be a right wing plot.
    Got robbed? Damn right winger did it.
    Got cut off in traffic? Damn right wingers.
    Moldy food in the fridge? Oh, those pesky right wingers just will not stop.

    Hell, with that perspective, I can see why you hate Conservatives.

    LaRouche has been running in the Democratic primaries for years — and gets plenty of votes. He’s a communist. Flat out. Has been since the 40’s. I’ve been pulling his anti-Jewish literature off of my windshield since the 80’s. There is not a Conservative on this planet that would endorse his communist ideas. Not one. And Maddow is smart enough to know that. You are so blinded by propaganda you can’t see straight.

    I’m done with you. It must be a liberal plan to tie every Conservative up in silly games so they can’t have time to speak to people with truly open minds.

  29. GoldenAE


    What makes you “left” or “right” is what you say or do. I do not know the guy that did this. That is why I said what he DID was clearly a position held by the “right”. There is no way you can be in line with Rush and claim you are on the “left”, at least on that particular point you can not. Regardless of the source, we know who is using that type of imagery and it would be those on the right. And from what you say about LaRouche, he does not have enough support on the left to get elected whereas several people on the right like David Duke and other racist have been elected by Republicans. Have racist Democrats been elected, sure, but you would be hardpressed to show where they ran on a racist platform like Duke and the way a lot of other conservatives do.

    You are on a blog for discussion, so what is up with the frustration if you think you are right? Maybe you are frustrated because you doubt yourself. Everyone is wrong from time to time. How about you get 10 people to read LaRouche’s blog without telling them what you think he stands for and ask them if they think he is not in line with the “right” wing on the points he is talking about on his page.

  30. Cylar

    Wow, can’t let anyone else have the last word, can you?

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