Obama Advisor: The Very Young and The Very Old Aren’t Worth Saving

Some anonymous troll is going to claim the comparison is far-fetched. But Rahm Emmanuel’s brother Ezekiel is one of Obama’s key advisors on health care. Would you like to know what he has written about health care “priorities” under a government-run system?

When implemented, the complete lives system produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 get the most substantial chance, whereas the youngest and the oldest get chances that are attenuated.

In other words, the only people who will be covered under the ideal system are people who don’t need care. Isn’t that just exactly what the statists accuse the insurance companies of doing?

There’s more. Zeke explains its not discriminatory to deny care to the elderly.

“Treating 65-year-olds differently because of stereotypes or falsehoods would be ageist; treating them differently because they have already had more life-years is not.”

In other words, a key Obama adviser thinks people over 65 (maybe 40?) have lived long enough and can be sent to the ice floes.

Some would say this sounds a bit Nazi-like.

George Soros has set up a phone number for his androids to call congressmen and senators to support ObamaCare. (1-877-264-HCAN) But *we* can use the number to oppose ObamaCare! Rules for Radicals, baby!

You old muthafocker, just walk toward the gawdam light!!

You old muthafocker, just walk toward the gawdam light!!



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5 responses to “Obama Advisor: The Very Young and The Very Old Aren’t Worth Saving

  1. The Doktor

    Being set upon the ‘ice floe’ will be known as ”Getting the Cold Ass”. It’s feeling quite chilly back there for me.

  2. Cylar

    I notice that the people who advocate “offing” the elderly for practical reasons, never seem to have this in mind for their own parents and grandparents. Only other people’s.

  3. Pinandpuller

    Obama’s own grandma had a hip replacement. On the other hand he didn’t seem very sentimental with her.

    Notice how all the left wing dictators seem to live forever as long as they stay paranoid enough or don’t tell the US they have weapons of mass destruction.

  4. The Doktor

    PandP – Granny was a ”Whitey”. Case closed.

    Other than that, how’s it going??

    Doktor Query

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