This is What Scientologists Actually Wear

Just to lighten things up a bit, the Cult of Scientology is issuing new uniforms. They’re black and red. It’s not clear whether they’re trying to evoke the Gestapo or Starfleet.

Also, they have capes. Fabulous.

Fabulous, Dahling, Fabulous!

Fabulous, Dahling, Fabulous!



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5 responses to “This is What Scientologists Actually Wear

  1. Mahvelous! Simply stunning…

  2. The Doktor

    There’s nothing like a well-dressed whack-job.

  3. Cylar

    Someone has seen that South Park episode about Scientology a time or two, I see.

    I couldn’t stop laughing when Issac Hayes left the show over it. He’d spent years as a member of the cast on a show that mocked anything and everything that other people held sacred…but got bent-out-of-shape when the creators’ guns were finally turned on something he held dear.

    Frankly, that kind of even-handed ridicule is the only reason I put up with “South Park.”

  4. The Doktor

    Cylar – South Park creators, Matt and Trey, believe that both Conservatives and Liberals are crazy. But they think the Libs are ”way, way” out there. And I, too, enjoy any comedy that is fair and hits both sides – as opposed to something like Family Guy.

  5. Cylar

    The worst thing about Family Guy is just the sense of wasted potential. Seth McFarlane clearly is a man of enormous talent and imagination. He’s got considerable voice talent, for one.

    But he chooses to use much of it in a way that is nasty and agenda-driven. He could learn a lot from Parker and Stone.

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