“Democrats” don’t really understand the concept of “Democracy”

Democrats call those who disagree with them, “the mob.” Democrats think only their side is allowed to protest and organize, and only against their political opposition. When the other side does it, they whine like the little bitches that they are. They call those who don’t get in line and follow them “divisive.”

The way the Democrats think it should work is like this. Congressman Jerkwater doesn’t want to support the ObamaCare Bill, so they offer him a $40 million courthouse in his district and $2 million in his re-election fund to buy his vote. Then, he goes back to his district and holds a “townhall” where he lectures his constituents on all the great things he’s doing in Washington. They lock out people who disagree with them, while letting their union thug supporters in.  They send out phony letters from fake constituents proclaiming support for ObamaCare.  And they think that’s how the system should work.

Democracy is not crushing, locking out, shutting up, or demonizing all disagreement. Democracy *is* disagreement.  Democracy isn’t citizens sitting politely while their elected “betters” issue edicts from on high. Democracy is raucous. Democracy is loud. And when the elected betters are too arrogant to listen, Democracy can be rude and in-your-face.

Protests for me but not for thee.

Protests for me but not for thee.



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3 responses to ““Democrats” don’t really understand the concept of “Democracy”

  1. The Doktor

    Democracy = Democrats in charge.
    Freedom of Speech = Democrats saying whatever they want.
    Right to Protest = Democrat’s Right to Protest.
    Patriots = Democrats.

    Conservatives = Evil, Racist, Nazi, dumb-ass worms to be crushed.

    All part of the new Newspeak. Big Brutha is here.

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  3. Cylar

    Although I’m disgusted at the Democrats’ antics as much as anyone else, I’m also heartened to see that so many people are angry exactly when they should be.

    It’s refreshing to see that big chunks of the populace are up in arms, not just 3 or 4 percent of them.

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