Sarah Palin’s Lefty Stalker: A Ghey Pedophile

Well, that’s what the commenters at Riehl World View have concluded, base on the recent revelation of the identity of one of Sarah Palin’s grotesque leftist internet stalkers.

griff_the_pedoThe creep who launched the internet rumors about Sarah Palin’s “affairs” and now her divorce has been identified a 49 year-old assistant kindergarten teacher from Anchorage, unmarried, who likes to hang around at the gym. His blog is called “Immoral Minority.”

Put it all together, as the commenters at RWV have done, and it spells: S-I-C-K-O.

An ‘assistant teacher’? What’s wrong with this guy – too dumb to get his real teaching certificate ?”

That is definitely not someone I would leave children with unsupervised.”

“Having now looked at Jessie Griffin’s self described “immoral” blog, his petulant rantings, his clear hatred of women as demonstrated by referring to women only as b****, and according to his own statements, his biggest pleasure in life is hanging out in the gym with men. This middle aged confirmed bachelor should not be around young children.”

Actually, my favorite quote was unrelated to the creepy sweaty middle aged dude who likes to hang around children angle:

“Do we really want someone whose blog has so many misspellings teaching kids to read?”

But I figure, if this Jesse Griffin loser is going to go around spreading completely false crap about the Palins, it’s fair to give some back to him. Wasn’t that how the left justified attacking Sarah’s kids? Saying if you put out hate, hate was going to come back at you? So, let’s label Jesse Griffin a creepy gay pedophile, and move on.

"Hey, little boy. Wanna come back to my place and bash Sarah Palin?"

"Hey, little boy. Wanna come back to my place and bash Sarah Palin?"

A commenter at Ace puts it more succinctly:

Let’s look at the facts:

–This guy is far left.

–This guy is seriously demented and into conspiracy theories, which is common for sexual perverts (see Andi Sullivan).

–He’s 49, unmarried, and is a kindergarten assistant.

–He considers women to be “bitches.”

–He has openly called for Trip Palin to be beat up. (Most pedophiles identify with bullies. I had an obese 8th-grade teacher who, when he wasn’t copping a feel from the young girls–some of them only in sixth grade–was kissing the asses of the “bad boys” to make his fat ass feel tough. I also had a high school principal who did the same thing, who it eventually turned out had propositioned a 9th-grade boy.



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2 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Lefty Stalker: A Ghey Pedophile

  1. boggartblog

    Actually despite being a (British) leftie I like Sarah Palin. She won me over with that wink. The fact that she’s fanciable does not make her immune from Boggart Blog humour though.

    Sarah Palin resignation – Boggart Blog exclusive interview?

  2. Pinandpuller

    Well Ian, considering that you like Sarah Palin and are down on global warming I question your leftie credentials.

    I think one could compare Palin to Lady Di in the sense that both were brutalized and scrutinized way beyond what’s proper.

    Since I brought up Lady Di I’d like to propose that the Palins adopt Prince Harry because they all seem to be can-do outdoorsy types who like to shoot and kill things.

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