The Democrats: More Crazy Schemes Than Lucy Ricardo

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Americans don’t want the Government to take over health care, they want health care to cost less. And they know the latter sure as hell won’t happen if the former happens. His followers may think Obama is the Messiah, but providing more health care for less money is loaves-and-fishes trick no reasonable person believes he can pull off.

Because conservatives understand economics and leftists don’t, we can posit that owing to the laws of supply and demand, health care would cost less if there were a larger supply of it. This is more important than the issue of consumer choice, because a larger supply will increase the number of options to choose from.

The Obamacrat health care plan treats health care resources as finite, and responds by rationing them. Furthermore, its provisions discourage people from going into medicine by lowering doctor’s wages (as has happened in every country where socialized medicine has been implemented). And rather than reforming tort law, it encourages more lawsuits. It is exactly the wrong solution on every axis of measurement.

If we want more doctors, hospitals and insurance policies, the answer is less regulation, not more. It most definitely means tort reform to protect doctors from sleazy ambulance chasers like John “The Breck Girl” Edwards; so the profession is more attractive to get into. Lower the cost of medical school; perhaps by paying off the student debt of doctors that devote five or six years of practice to low income people (killing two birds with one stone).

Sounds way better than having bureaucrats second guess every doctor’s decisions or giving death pills to the elderly.

Behold! The only pile of crap greater than Obama himself.

Behold! The only pile of crap greater than Obama himself.


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One response to “The Democrats: More Crazy Schemes Than Lucy Ricardo

  1. Abogado Pete

    You make a reasonable argument.

    But I can’t get past square one with the liberal health care premise.

    If I’m to understand them correctly, they seem to be saying that the reason for the high cost is that medical practitioners are motivated by greed (or downright evil). So they order too many tests. Or they take out tonsils for profit. Or they misdiagnose out of pure malevolence.

    For the sake of argument, let’s grant that premise.

    So how does this gov’t health care plan eliminate this problem? We’re going to motivate doctors or “big pharma” or hospitals or whatever to be more compassionate and empathetic by cutting their pay? Huh? What is this mysterious psychological principle at play that drives a doctor to change from bad to good by cutting his/her pay?

    Liberals seem to be able to cite all kinds of made up statistics and “facts” and sad stories and “evil corporation” anecdotes. But I’ve never gotten one of them to explain how their socialist plans can defy human nature. How do they avoid the ‘tragedy of the commons’? How do they propose to motivate otherwise disinterested people if not with money?

    I just keep asking, Why? “Why are people going to change their attitudes and motivations just because you legislate it?” I hear silence.

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