Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr Is a Racialist Douchebag

To anyone who rationally looks at the evidence, it appears that Officer Crowley was calm, reasonable, and following accepted police procedure in responding to the incident. While Professor Gates is clearly an unhinged, race-obsessed flaming asshole.

In a sensible world, Gates would be sentenced to sensitivity training, so he could learn why police officers do what they do. He would be instructed how to properly behave in the presence of police officers.

Would he find such training patronizing? Would he find it condescending? Would he find it insulting?

Welcome to the White Male World.

Let's make *those people* make some f*cking multicultural fingerpaints for once.

Let's make *those people* make some f*cking multicultural fingerpaints for once.



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3 responses to “Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr Is a Racialist Douchebag

  1. Abogado Pete

    As Crowley mentioned, if you have a report of 2 guys breaking in a house and you only see one guy, there’s reason to believe there might be 2 guys inside laying in wait for the return of the owner.
    Another thing the cop has to consider: a man breaking in his own house? Maybe someone inside doesn’t want him coming in. Say, maybe a wife that’s scared to be battered some more?
    Who knows? And that’s the reason cops have to be careful.

    But then, liberal elitists apparently have telepathy (e.g. hate crime prosecutions), so they believe cops should have telepathy as well. If Crowley had used his extrasensory perception, he should have known this guy was a good guy.

    Then again, police unions endorsed Obama, so we can only assume they like racist presidents (as we learned thanks to Rev. Wright). Hey, you get what you vote for. Good luck.

  2. I agreee totally that Gates is an active racist, also based on informaiton i have read he is also deeply involved with communist parties that have deep marxist roots. I bet when gates goes into a 7 eleven to buy a coke and they tell him that it will be 75 cents, he immidietly yells at the clerk at the top of his lungs, “Why, just because I’m black”? Obama has shown his true colors, and we now know he is a race biased. White Americans are getting real tired of the reverse racism and would like for gates to stop acting like an idiot.

  3. Agreed

    100% agree. Gates’ life is based on race-baiting and playing the victim. He is a piece of human trash. Those and others like him, Rev. Al Sharpton for example, are part of the problem regarding race relations, not part of any solution.

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