Six Months to Pick Out a Dog, Two Weeks to Pass Socialized Medicine

I didn’t listen to the Press Conference because I simply can’t stand to look at the guy, but I followed commentary on AoSHQ, NRO, GatewayPundit, Michelle Malkin, and couple of other blogs. Here’s what I know:

  • Obama accused doctors of being greedy and performing unnecessary tonsillectomies just to get money. (This speaks more of his personal character than it does of the doctors; a thief always suspects others of plotting to steal from him.)
  • Obama attacked Republicans, then, a few seconds later, denied he had ever attacked Republicans.
  • Obama claimed his plan will save money by eliminating tests the government deems unnecessary. (ObamaCare bureaucrat on the phone with doctor: “I am sick of hearing about ‘malignant’ this and ‘emergency surgery’ that. Just give the kid some Tylenol and stop bothering me.”)
  • Obama closed with, “I don’t know anything about the Louis Gates incident, but Cambridge cops are stupid.” (Again, speaks to his lack of character and discernment.)

By the way, even the normally supine AP found it necessary to Fact Check Obama’s Ass because of the lies he tried to pass off in the press conference.

  • He lied about keeping the Government out of health care decisions.
  • He lied about not attacking Republicans.
  • He lied about OcamaCare not adding to the deficit.

By the way, LGF2 (the blog where former members of Little Green Footballs went after Charles Johnson went crackers) has a great summary of HR 3200, section-by-section, and what it means to you.

Also, The left-wing moonbats may hate Ann Coulter, but I defy any of them to find a single thing she gets wrong in this column: TAKE TWO ASPIRIN AND CALL ME WHEN YOUR CANCER IS STAGE 4.

Obamunist BS, You're soaking in it.

Obamunist BS, You're soaking in it.



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4 responses to “Six Months to Pick Out a Dog, Two Weeks to Pass Socialized Medicine

  1. Abogado Pete

    On Tonsils:
    Let’s say Obama’s right that doctor’s opt for higher paying procedures because they are greedy.
    How exactly is his plan going to eliminate greed?
    What government program exists that can change human nature?
    And are we to believe that no one in government is motivated by greed?
    How will he ensure these rare non-greedy benevolent people command the healthcare bureaucracy?

    Furthermore, he seems to be saying that either 1) doctors will no longer be paid based on the complexity of the procedure, or 2) doctors will no longer be able to use their judgment to make diagnoses.
    I can’t see how #2 is possible. So it must be #1. In which case, won’t he be tapping into yet another human trait : if the rewards are equal, take the option with the least effort.
    So he’s going to replace misdiagnosis due to greed with misdiagnosis due to laziness.

    His premise assumes that doctors are not motivated by a desire to heal. But even assuming he’s right about that, his conclusions are still wrong-headed. Which again reveals his incredible failure as a thinker. When it comes down to it, the guy’s just not all that bright.
    Oh, and the revision midway through the example from “you” getting a sore throat to “your child” was such blatant fear-mongering and appeal to emotion as to be near pathological. Folks, meet the Propagandist in Chief for the 21st century.

  2. Cylar

    Heh. I never thought I’d dislike any president more than I did Clinton, but I’ve been proven wrong again. It’s like he is trying to bring back-from-the-dead every dumb idea that Clinton and Carter ever had, and do it ten times harder.

    The Ann Coulter hatred always amuses me. I remember awhile back stumbling onto some “humor” website that allowed you to list some celebrity that you’d like to punch in the face. There were some easy marks on there, like Billy Mays (may he rest in peace), and any number of others that people find annoying.

    A lot of people said, “Ann Coulter.” I got sick of the hate being thrown her way, and I wrote, “I’d like to punch in the face….everyone who wants to punch Ann Coulter in the face.” Why? Because she’s a friggin’ PUNDIT, people! She is someone who is paid to offer her opinions and doesn’t pretend to be friendly to both sides. She’s not even an “objective” news anchor, much less a policymaker or elected politician. She has absolutely no pull over anyone’s life who doesn’t care to listen to her.

    It all goes back to the Left’s unceasing desire to silence others, simply for disagreeing. They don’t want Coulter to tell people about Obama’s disgusting “health care reform” because if she does, people might start waking up and threatening to throw out Congressmen if this hideous thing passes.

  3. I was at a corporate training thing once, and as part of one exercise, we had to give an impromptu speech about airport security. In the course of mine, I mentioned in passing how Ann Coulter had had a necklace confiscated by TSA because the pendant was bullet-shaped.

    While my presentation scored pretty well among most participants, one liberal douchebag gave me zeroes across the board and wrote “I HATE ANN COULTER!” as the explanation on his eval form.

  4. Abogado Pete

    That’s a great story.

    These liberals sure have a lot of hate in their hearts.

    I just wish they wouldn’t spit so much when they spew their vitriol. I’m afraid they’re gonna give me the cooties.

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