Nationalized Healthcare: More Selfishness from the Liberal Left

The more people learn about ObamaCare, the less they like it. But he and the hardcore left keep pushing it, and pushing it. What is the allure of Government run health care, and why do so many people push for it even as it looks more and more like a government program of ghastly expense with marginal benefit and the potential to do great harm.

Before the baby boom generation, few people thought that providing medical services was the government’s business. But ObamaCare appeals to the self-centered Boomer left on several levels, all of them selfish.

  • The idea that someone else will pay for your health care, which is why the plan focuses on a surtax for “the rich.” With the money you save from having someone else pay for your health care, you can buy $450 sneakers, Wegyu steaks, or maybe make a generous donation to the DNC.
  • The cheap morality of feeling superior by demanding that the government spend other people’s money in ways you think are compassionate.
  • Power over people’s lives: Already, cigarettes, trans-fats, sweetened drinks, and other guilty pleasures are targeted for regulation in the name of ‘public health.’ When everyone’s health care is socialized, there is a state interest in micromanaging everybody’s health care.
  • It’s a status symbol. They whine “Canada has Nationalized Health Care. I want it too,” like a bratty SoCal high school girl demanding a BMW.
  • The abdication of personal and moral responsibility by putting difficult decisions in the hands of government bureaucrats.

As Chairman Zero put it, it would cost less money to “take that pill” than to treat serious diseases. The President who once defended abortion by saying his daughters shouldn’t be “punished with a baby” doesn’t want selfish boomers punished with surviving elderly, either. “Gee, grandma, we *could* treat your liver disease, but that would cost a lot of money. Say, Remember when Edward G Robinson died in Soylent Green…? Well….”

Having said that, if a sick and elderly person chooses palliative care over extraordinary measures to prolong life, that’s a noble decision, one I would support. But that’s not a decision someone should be coerced into by a government bureaucrat on behalf of selfish baby boomers who, like in the Stephen Lynch song, just want “you old m—–f—-r, (t0) walk toward the g–d-m light!” so they can claim the inheritance.

Old people are like, so inconvenient. Kill them and take their stuff.

Old people are like, so inconvenient. Kill them and take their stuff.



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3 responses to “Nationalized Healthcare: More Selfishness from the Liberal Left

  1. Yvonne Bradley

    Hi I just wanted you to know – I am unfortunately born in those years that make me a boomer – and just so you know – I am not liberal, I am not left – I am a conservative woman – and I don’t want the government in my business and I DON’T want healthcare provided by the government. I have been paying for it myself for over 30 years since I got out of college. Not all of us so called “boomers” are leftist liberals. I love your blog by the way. Keep up the good work. Like I said – not all of us are liberal, elitest lefties. I was not raised that way!

    • Thanks Yvonne, and I think your story technically excludes you from being part of the “Boomer” hegemony; non-leftists dont feel the name to label themselves as part of some collective generational construct.

  2. intracoastalbob

    Thanks for your input on Obamahealth and the covert takeover going on in high places…sometimes another issue is really the main one…especially for a “friend” of muslims who apologises for America, pretends to be a christian and is bankrupting our nation…
    A vote of no confidence is needed now!

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