If ObamaCare Is So Great, Why Do They Need Republican Support?

Obama and the Obamacrats are out attacking and demonizing Republicans again. May I ask, what’s the point? The Obamacrats have a filibuster-proof majority (+the Maine Sisters) in the Senate, and a big majority in the House. They don’t *need* Republican support to pass ObamaCare, nor are they interested in the Republican plan for Health Care Reform. So, why go on the warpath? If ObamaCare is so wonderful, why not just pass it themselves and take all the credit?

WTF? You guys own everything? How can you blame the Republicans for anything?

For that matter, what’s with the 1,017 page bill? Don’t they really just need a 2-page bill?

Page 1 – The Federal Government is now in charge of health care.

Page 2 – We’re going to tax you out the ass to pay for it.

Is it possible… just possible… that you turds are aware that ObamaCare sucks and the American people don’t want it, and you don’t even want the credit… you just want Republicans to have the blame?

ObamaCare - A turd in dire need of a flush

ObamaCare - A turd in dire need of a flush

Update: Also, the Mayo clinic says the ObamaCare plan stinks (not unlike a turd) and Obama himself slipped up and admitted the truth that ObamaCare would have “inefficiencies,” by which he means, of course, massive waste and fraud. (It’s a feature, not a bug.)


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4 responses to “If ObamaCare Is So Great, Why Do They Need Republican Support?

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  3. Nunya

    It’s simple: they need Republicans to blame for when it fails. They also need Republicans to put forth their own health care plan that DemoRATS can take credit for.

  4. Yes! Flush Mr. Hanky down!!

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