Chairman Zero’s Crisis Act Wears Thin

Submitted for your consideration.

Obama has mistaken his personal popularity for a national predilection toward emergency-driven central planning. He doesn’t get that Americans prefer the slower process of building political consensus based on reality, and at least a semblance of rational deliberation rather than one sky-is-falling legislative session after another.

On this last point, Obama is a perfect extension of Bush’s worst trait as president.

…Americans have a pretty good (if slow-to-activate) B.S. detector, and the more you mislead them now, the worse they’ll punish you later.

This attitude of persistent crisis is wearing thin. There is no health care crisis in America. There are problems with the cost of health care and with people having access to health care without having to pay for it; but no “crisis” unless the meaning of that word has been dumbed down horribly. For most Americans, the system works fairly well; the challenge is in taking care of the outliers, not throwing out the whole system in favor of a model whose known shortcomings will only raise the cost and diminish the quality of the current system.

And there is no climate crisis. The climate *is* changing, that’s what the climate does. The climate on Mars is changing. The climate on Jupiter is changing, and last I checked, no one on those planets was driving a Chevy Tahoe. We need to find ways to do what we do while making less of a mess and cleaning up the messes we do make. But as with health care, we don’t need to destroy capitalism; the Democrat left’s solution to every problem.

Why are Democrats such Drama Queens?

Why are Democrats such Drama Queens?


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