Words of Wisdom from PJO

Choice quotes from PJO’s Interview at the Onion AVClub:

AVC: With the future of cars and the journalism both in doubt, where does that leave you?

PJO: Clint Eastwood has done it all with that film Gran Torino. I’ve been channeling that character ever since I saw the movie. I’ve decided that my motto in life is “Get off my lawn.” It’s the right answer to everything.

The A.V. Club: How do you feel about Barack Obama becoming the de facto president of General Motors?

P.J. O’Rourke: I think it’s a really, really bad idea. It’s one of these situations where Dad burns dinner, so you say, “Oh, I know. Let’s have the dog cook!”

AVC: Some people argue that Prius owners are dangerous because they don’t care about cars, and therefore are terrible drivers.

PJO: They’re bad drivers because they’re idiots. And we know they’re idiots because they bought a Prius.

Read ye teh whole thing, but skip the comments, they’re infested with Moonbat dumbasses.


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