Tony Stancl: Model Democrat

A perfect candidate for the Obama/ACORN brownshirts. Tony Stancl was a rich young brat and part of group of student nannies (Students Against Destructive Decisions) who once was part of a seltbelt patrol nagging drivers to buckle up as they left the school parking lot. He also sucked up to his high school administrators by “working” in the school office. He also volunteered for the Obama campaign.

Also, he was a closet case homosexual who posed as a female on Facebook to get male classmates to send him nude pictures, which he then used to blackmail them into having sex with him.

A toady to the powerful, a sleazy manipulator who pretended to be something he wasn’t to gain power over others, and a bully to those he had power over: a model Democrat if ever there was one.

Rahm Emmanuel has a job for this kid when he gets out of prison.

Rahm Emmanuel has a job for this kid when he gets out of prison.



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9 responses to “Tony Stancl: Model Democrat

  1. Mike

    This case should be on Fox EVERY DAY.
    Typical “progressive”.

  2. Have fun in prison Tony…

  3. Eso

    I just happened to stubbly upon this place and thought I should say, woo-boy, what a joke.

    Cute how you are using something popular though doesn’t have anything to do with what you are. I suppose catering is what you do when you don’t have an argument.

  4. The Doktor

    Bile. I’m tasting bile.

    Doktor Disgusted

  5. The Mole

    OMG! The things I learn on this blog! And, what is the world coming to?

  6. Cylar

    Gregory, you’re arguing brain surgery techniques with a three-year-old. Don’t waste your time.

  7. Johnny

    He wasn’t really “rich” or “spoiled.” Just sayin’

  8. Headlinegirl

    And to think I sat in the same room as him in middle school. Damn Tony, you done fucked up.

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