Nationalized Health Care as a Status Symbol for Leftists

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

You can’t argue nationalized health care with a left-liberal on the basis of facts and economics, because that has nothing to do with why the left wants nationalized health care. It isn’t about increasing access to insurance, that could be done with a few inexpensive tweaks to the system. And while expanding the scope and power of government may be the agenda of the elites, it’s not what motivates the herd.

Nationalized health care, to the left, is a status symbol. They want it in the USA because Britain and Canada have it, and they want to have it, too. Like the suburban soccer mom who insists she needs a new Range Rover when a Saturn Vue would be perfectly adequate. It isn’t about what’s best for the people or the economy, it’s about fitting in with the herd. Because it’s much easier to just go along with the herd than to explain why you do things differently.

The Democrats push the nationalized health care agenda not through intellectual debate but through theater and emotion, like a car commercial. The limit of the ability of the leftist to defend nationalized health care intellectually is reached at “because Republicans don’t want it.” The entirety of Democratic thought is to advocate the opposite of what Republicans want; no explanation required.

If government run health care really delivered better service at lower cost and benefited the economy, conservatives would support it. That’s how we roll.

Socialized medicine - a big load of crap.

Socialized medicine - a big load of crap.


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