The $600 Toilet Seat of the Spendulus

From the Republican Study Committee:

Your Obamacrat Congress at work: $18,000,000 to redesign a website (a $192,000 value).

Amid growing criticism of the much-hyped, but unimpressive, the supposed epicenter of stimulus data, the administration just placed an order on a revamp – of epic proportions.

For those concerned about stimulus spending, the General Services Administration sends word tonight that $18 million in additional funds are being spent to redesign the Web site. The new Web site promises to give taxpayers more information about where their money is going than the current version of the site. (ABC News, 7/8/09)

Wow. $18 million. Seems high. It leaves the less tech-savvy amongst us to ask, what is the going rate for a professional web design these days?

A quick cost estimate from offers us a curious calculation. According to the site, the top-end estimate for a premium web design from a professional firm flush with all the bells and whistles, flash pages, search functions, digital graphics, and 500 pages of content comes in at a whopping….$192,740.

Taxpayers must surely be anxious to see what 2.0 has in store. We’ll report back when it’s done….in 7 months.

Once again, the government does us in the butt, in the butt.

Once again, the government does us in the butt, in the butt.


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