The Media Serves Up Old Leftovers

In addition to frantically spinning the photo of Obama leering at an underage girl’s buttocks, I notice the media has reached into the back of the story refrigerator to unwrap another “Bush spied on people” story, stick it into the microwave and hit the REHEAT button. Although loudly hyped by the AP, the story reveals almost nothing we didn’t already know; it’s just a new commentary on an old story.  And it comes just as Obama’s support among independents is declining, so the media in their role as propagandists to the Little Bronze god, see fit to remind the independents why they turned on Bush. They have nothing else in their arsenal, certainly no success stories from Obama’s policies.

Today's menu: Warmed over Bush Hatred with a side of Palin-bashing and Cheney-tots.

Today's menu: Warmed over Bush Hatred with a side of Palin-bashing and Cheney-tots.



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2 responses to “The Media Serves Up Old Leftovers

  1. The picture caption: LOL LOL!

  2. Cylar

    Disgusting…though tame compared to Clinton’s antics.

    Anyway, did you hear today’s story that Holder is considering appointing a prosecutor to go after Bush-era DOJ officials regarding “torture?” Isn’t that nice?

    Aside from the fact that the officials in question are innocent of any wrongdoing AND acted within the guidance provided by the DOJ…the larger issue is that this could set a dangerous precedent. So now every time the White House changes parties, we’re going to go back and prosecute members of the former administration?

    What’s even funnier is that Obama is on record saying that he opposes this. So which is it? Either Obama is lying, or he needs to fire Holder.

    The Left really, really, REALLY had better not go there. Bush 43’s people had enough dirt on Clinton’s lackeys to fill in the Grand Canyon, but out of a sense of decorum they did nothing. And this is the reward.

    Stay classy, Holder.

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