Palin-Beck 2012?

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

I’m not convinced Sarah Palin is angling for the presidency, but I do have a rather radical take on why resigning might be a part of her strategy and might work despite the tsk-tsk of the chattering class.

Clearly, there is a substantial libertarian anti-socialist sentiment growing in the country. There’s a large and mostly disenfranchised bloc of voters who are fed up with the political establishment… numbers that are likely to grow as the Obamacrats push a very expensive agenda that restricts freedoms even more. (Needing permission from the government to sell your house being just one example from the Cap and Trade bill.)

Furthermore, people no longer believe the dickless Republicans are capable of mounting any kind of opposition to the Obamacrats; and are corrupt, elitist, and too concerned with their Argentine hoochie-mommas to be of much use anyway. The Republican Party is a bloated corpse of elitist ninnies that gave us Landslide McCain last time around.

Sarah’s resgination could signal that she’s planning an end-run around the party establishment. By resigning, she is freeing herself to voice opposition to the Obamunist agenda without facing ethics complaints from Democrat operatives like Linda Kellen Biegle. She doesn’t have to worry that if she pisses of the party panjandrums they won’t help her in the next election.

The tea parties and the popularity of libertarian figures like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin show how angry people are with the current government. Sarah Palin may provide a figure for anyone whose opposed to the status quo to rally around. She can reject the establishment and go directly to the people.

I don’t think it’s likely this is where she’s going, but it’s an interesting thought, at least to me.

Not a lady you would want to f--- with.

Not a lady you would want to f--- with.


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5 responses to “Palin-Beck 2012?

  1. The Mole

    I’d be more comfortable with Jindal or Pawlenty on a ticket with Palin. Maybe even Romney.

    Why? Well, it does take *some* governing experience to govern effectively. And as for Beck: I like his principles, but his ranting reminds me of Ron Paul. Also, he is an AA guy. (I don’t trust AA guys, not because of their spiritual interests, but because my personal intensive study of the 12-Step model of addiction has led me to conclude that it is a fundamentally incorrect model that attracts, well, the kind of people that get something out of going with a fundamentally incorrect model. This is a better approach to addiction recovery:

  2. The Mole


    Well, Palin would be an unconventional choice (now)… so why not Beck…

  3. The Doktor

    Palin/Anybody – 2012

    If Biden can be VP then even Jacko’s old (perhaps dead) monkey is capable of serving in that capacity.

    Doktor KingMaker

  4. Allie

    I would LOVE to see a Palin/Beck (or vice versa) ticket! The McCain/Palin campaign was a real sideshow but with those two clowns Palin & Beck we’d get the whole circus! Anyone want popcorn?

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