Wally World Tries to Appease its Enemies

Wal-Mart is supporting ObamaCare. Not much of a surprise. Off-loading the cost of health care onto the government would relieve it of the burden of health care, while the play or pay system would put smaller competitors at a disadvantage. Wal-Mart also thinks ObamaCare would weaken the leverage of unions trying to unionize its workforce.

Note to Wally World; the progressive left is not interested in helping your business. They are not going to reward you for this concession. City councils are not going to roll over and let you open stores in the inner cities. The unions are not going to stop unionizing you. Appeasement will only embolden them.

I’m not a big fan of Wally-World. I buy Christmas lights there, and I stock up on medicine there before the cold and flu system. I guess that makes me unpatriotic, because if we don’t keep buying cheap plastic crap from China, they won’t be able to loan us the Trillions Obama needs to finance the deficit.

They mostly come at night, mostly...

They mostly come at night, mostly...


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One response to “Wally World Tries to Appease its Enemies

  1. Cylar

    That’s rather disappointing. Up until now, and for the most part, Wal-Mart has been a fairly stalwart defender of traditional American business practices.

    They buy American goods for sale in their stores when possible, they resist unionization, they unapologetically grow their chain without help from the government, and mercilessly crush the competition with old fashioned capitalism. Indeed, it is one of the few corporations I can name that is actually experiencing a net growth in positions employed this year. Even other “reliable” companies like Toyota are posting their first annual losses. Not so with Wal-Mart.

    I’m sure someone who watches the company more closely than I do would be able to illustrate counter-examples that would purport to show the opposite – that it’s no better (or actually somehow worse) than some other company as far as promoting American free-market capitalism. Nonetheless I believe my point stands on its own merits.

    This development is extremely disappointing. Without organized opposition from the corporate end of the private sector, ObamaCare will surely pass. Then we are all screwed.

    The ray of light for me, though, is this: If it doesn’t happen in the next six months, it probably isn’t going to happen. That’s why Obama is in such a rush…he knows that it’s too much of a political hot potato next year with the midterms coming up, and that starting in 2011 he’s unlikely to have such a compliant Congress as he does right now.

    Believe me, it bothers me a lot that they have such a near-total control of Congress. Maybe they will somehow be unable to get both Crap-and-Trade AND ObamaCare both at once.

    Then again, this is the government which managed to nationalize two of the world’s largest corporations AND add a trillion dollars to the deficit….in that same six-month time frame.

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