Al Franken Is an Idiotic Clown, but What Kind of Idiot Clown Is He?

Post by Gregory of Yardale

The Minnesota Halfwit crosses the finish line

The Minnesota Halfwit crosses the finish line

With generous assistance from ACORN and corrupt election officials, the idiot residents of the state of Minnesota have succeeded in replacing useless RINO Norm Coleman with vile commodian Al “Stewart Smalley” Franken. Stewart Smalley’s margin of “victory” was less than 300 votes, and there were some serious shenanigans going on:

Under Minnesota law, election officials are required to make a duplicate ballot if the original is damaged during Election Night counting. Officials are supposed to mark these as “duplicate” and segregate the original ballots. But it appears some officials may have failed to mark ballots as duplicates, which are now being counted in addition to the originals. This helps explain why more than 25 precincts now have more ballots than voters who signed in to vote. By some estimates this double counting has yielded Mr. Franken an additional 80 to 100 votes.

Meanwhile, a Ramsey County precinct ended up with 177 more ballots than there were recorded votes on Election Night. In that case, the board decided to go with the extra ballots, rather than the Election Night total, even though the county is now showing more ballots than voters in the precinct. This gave Mr. Franken a net gain of 37 votes…

Minnesota has a system of “same day registration,” where you can show up, register, and vote on the spot. All you need is a school ID or even a utility bill or rental receipt, which are easy to fake (not that anyone will be checking). It’s a system ripe for abuse. It’s only too easy for out-of-state college students or a couple busloads of ACORN voters from Chicago to be parachuted into marginal precincts to up the vote for the Demonrats.

But, whatever, it’s over now, and the Fat Lady has sung. Now, we’ll see what kind of Democrat Senator Stewart Smalley turns out to be. Democrat Senators mostly come in two flavors. There are the dim-witted seat-warmers who do nothing but vote as their leaders order them to: Amy Klobuchar (Dingbat-Minnesota), Debbie Stabenow (Dingbat-Michigan), Ben Cardin (Dimwit – Maryland), Blanche Lincoln (Dingbat-Arkansas), Tom Carper (Dimwit-Maryland), Bob Casey (Dimwit – Pennsylvania) and most of the rest of the Dimwit/Dingbat Caucus fall into this mode. Most of the seat-warmers are party hacks who have Peter Principled their way into their seats, and don’t want to lose their cushie jobs by rocking the boat.

The other Donk Senator Type is the vicious partisan socialist; the Douchebags. Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Pat Leahy and Chuck Schumer fall into this type. They really want the United States to become socialist by any means necessary.

Given his history on the Air Amerikkka network and his vile hatred of conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, one would tend to think he’ll fall into the latter (Douchebag) category. On the other hand, mindful of his narrow “win” and given that he is something of an embarrassment to the Donk Party, he might just try to bide his time quietly.

Nah, I don’t think so either. My money’s on Douchebag.



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5 responses to “Al Franken Is an Idiotic Clown, but What Kind of Idiot Clown Is He?

  1. cylarz00

    Coleman was ahead on Election Night by a healthy margin. That should have been the end of the discussion. Wham, bam. Why the election was even contested is a mystery to me. Coleman should have been sworn in with the rest of the Congress on Jan 20.

    The mere fact that a recount (or thirty of them) actually managed to reverse the outcome is highly suspect. Hand or machine recounts of votes may alter the numbers slightly in either direction, but they’re “not supposed to” alter the outcome. In fact, this may be the first time in history that it has happened. That alone raises my eyebrows.

  2. Not the first time. In the 2004 elections in Washington state, the Republican was ahead on the first three recounts, but three weeks after the election, some Democrat poll-workers “found” a bunch of ballots that hadn’t been counted previously; almost all of which were for the Democrat. The counting was halted and the Democrat, Christine Gregoire, was declared the winner.

  3. WadeZ

    Once a douchebag always a douchebag.

  4. bobby b

    Coincidentally, Franken’s campaign was “advised” (not sure what they mean when they use that word) by Paul Berendt, State Chairman of the Washington State Dem Party, the guy who ran the “get out the vote (from the drawers, from under your car, from the morgue, wherever, just get it out!)” campaign that ramrodded their magical recount.

    They just kept recounting and recounting, adding “new”, “found” ballots each time, until finally they had liberated enough ballots to reverse the election results. Strangely, in some counties, they ended up with more ballots than actual voters.

    Acorn is big in Washington State. Who knew?

  5. The Doktor


    I, too, believe Franken will be what he has always been – a Leftist Loony Loudmouth Douche bag. No reason to change just because he’s a Senator.

    Of course, he does have the whiff of a Turd Sandwich about him as well. Tough call.

    Doktor Recount

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