The Usual Friday Potpourri

What if you showed an infomercial and nobody watched? The ABC/Obamacare infomercial was a ratings bust, as I predicted it would be. Maybe the should have got Billy Mays or the ShamWow guy.

Good News from the Senate for once: Resolution celebrating the infanticide industry fails. Three dingbat senators … Jeanne Shaheen (Dingbat-NH), Barbara Boxer (Dingbat-CA), and Amy Klobuchar (Dingbat-MN) … sponsored the resolution to honor George “Womb-Kitten Exterminator” Tiller and praise the people who make their livings in the fetal brain-scrambling industry.

Because of the recession, Americans are doing the jobs Americans won’t do. Out-of-work Americans are lining up for agricultural jobs, while Democrats still insist on passing Amnesty so they can import more cheap foreign labor.

Speaking of unemployment, 500 American workers lose jobs as the Teleprompter Messiah signs anti-tobacco legislation. Which is not even a drop in the bucket compared to how many jobs will be lost after Crap and Trade is passed.

More proof that dissent ceased to be patriotic on 1.20.2009. Hollywood is miffed that the new Transformers movie may somehow be taken as mildly critical of the Teleprompter Messiah.  But criticizing the president was courageous when the (crappy) movies Rendition, Redacted, Lions for Lambs, In the Valley of Elah, and Stop Loss came out.

What real torture looks like. For those who claim pouring water on a terrorist’s nose for 30 seconds is “torture.” Would  Manwhore… I mean, Mancow … sign up for this? I think not.

Speaking of cows,  Rosie O’Doughnutbumper is getting a talk radio gig. This should be good. (“Fire has never melted steel! Google it!”)

In other news, libs were once again taken in by a minority thug with a sob story. “Anti-Gang Activist” indicted for conspiracy, extortion, witness intimidation and murder. This guy was running gang activity while on the taxpayers’ payroll. I predict a bright future at ACORN if the thug’s lawyer gets him off on a technicality.

In the “Vital Functions of Government” Department, The British Government has determined, after a lengthy and expensive investigation, that Canterbury is “sufficiently gay. I am sure that’s a load off everyone’s mind.

Sarah Palin’s kids are under attack again. This time, it’s by Sarah’s crazed internet stalker Linda Biegel, who calls herself “Celtic Diva” and has made a cottage industry of filing frivolous “ethics complaints” against Sarah; none of which have gone anywhere. This see-you-next-Tuesday mocks Trig Palin through a crude, insulting Photoshop. The left remains ever so classy. Take a look at the kind of woman who can’t deal with a successful, attractive conservative woman.

Nuff said

Nuff said



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3 responses to “The Usual Friday Potpourri

  1. fallenangel

    Nice match with the fake hair.

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  3. TwoDogs

    Boyhowdy, that’s one ugly fatbitch.

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