Sanford Goes From SFW to BFD

OK, so it seems Mark Sanford was having an affair, and he skipped town to go to Argentina and see his paramour. (For readers in the South, that’s the woman he’s boinking, not the thing he cuts his grass with.)

I’m going to say something a leftist blogger would never say if this were a Democrat: What Sanford did was wrong, he’s a disgrace, I condemn him unequivocally, he should resign the governor’s office and retire from politics posthaste.

Yeah, it’s a shame to lose a politician who was genuinely committed to smaller government and fiscal responsibility… but there are plenty of fiscal conservatives who can keep it in their pants. Let’s elect those guys instead.

“Now we finally understand the “family values” you’ve been preaching about…” Squawks an anonymous lefty dumbass at Moonbattery. As if an unfaithful politician proves family values are now discredited, everyone should just screw whoever they want and not give a damn. Also, apparently by leftist “reasoning,” Sanford’s infidelity also discredits small government, fiscal responsibility, and all of capitalism.

Meanwhile, while all the lefties snark on about Sanford and Ensign, they fail to note that the front-runners for the Democrat (or Dumbass) nomination for governor in California are open and unrepentant philanderers. Gavin Newsom had an affair with the wife of an aide and blamed it on alcoholism. Is being an adulterer and a drunk a resume enhancer in the Republican Party? No, but Ted Kennedy’s been a Senator since before I was born. The other California Dumbass,  (who reportedly has dropped out), Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa  has had multiple adulterous affairs, but was touted as “still a contender” by the California media, even after the revelations.

Also,Seems Wild Bill CLinton has had fling with an Argentinian stripper. Wonder if any of the leftist dumbasses will be making snarky comments about this?


What do you mean it’s not fair to imply that BJ Clinton was tapping an Argentinian hooker without proof? What if there were proof? The leftists would just say, “It doesn’t matter, it’s his private business.” So, if it doesn’t matter, let’s just skip the proof and say “Yeah, he gigiddied her gashmoigan.”


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9 responses to “Sanford Goes From SFW to BFD

  1. Jake

    If you’re a republican politician and you want to screw around, at least have the damned decency to resign first. Seriously, this country is under a daily assault from the socialist front, and we don’t have 3 days of news-cycle to waste on your silly sex life, jerk.

  2. Cylar

    WTF? A cartoon taken from something other than South Park?

    I’ve been wondering, Gregory…are you a fan of that book “South Park Conservatives?” Never read it myself, but I believe the thrust of it was something along the lines of “Yeah it’s crude, but we can still learn something from it for our movement.”

  3. Cylar

    I think I’d be happy just to see the media treat Republican sex scandals the same as Democrat ones….or Democrat ones treated like Republican ones. Whichever.

    I’m just sick of these things always making news, but only when one of our guys is involved. Funny how it never seems to be “his private life” and “none of our business” when it’s a Republican politician. Also note that we don’t rally around scumbags on our side of the aisle…something else I wish I could cram into Left-thinking (hah!) skulls.

  4. It’s not the first time I’ve gone off South Park for an illustration. I like to shake things up. I haven’t read SPR, but I will. I was just about to order some books anyway. I scored a couple of bookcases when my office downsized and I am trying to fill them up.

    What strikes me, Cylar, is all the leftists who are always whining that it’s unfair to tarnish the left as a whole because of the actions of its leadership. (The adoration of Che and Castro, for example.) Or because the anti-war movement is backed by unrepentant Stalinists like International ANSWER. But they are so quick to paint all Republicans and conservatives as hypocrites… even though no one on the right is defending Sanford.

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  6. You don’t get it do you? The left is able to screw each other with impunity because they ridicule “family values”….but when one of our guys screws up, they can triumphantly accuse him of being a rotten nasty awful h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e, (much worse than being a serial pervert, or rapist to their minds), we’re all tainted by his sins, and “family values” is discredited.

  7. Cylar

    Oh, I “get it.” I just don’t like it.

  8. The Doktor

    Giggity, Giggity. Goo!

    ”Family Values” to a Leftist is how much each close family relative is worth and what they can expect in inheritance from them.

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