How’s that “Scientific Consensus” working out for ya?

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Global Warming threatens to “obliterate” the breeding season for migratory birds. And by Global Warming, I mean, record cold temperatures and neverending winter in northern Canada.

May temperatures in northern Manitoba were almost four degrees C below the long-term average of -0.7, and in early June, temperatures averaged three degrees below normal.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration images confirm snow and ice blanket all of northern Manitoba, part of northern Ontario and almost all of the eastern Arctic as of June 12. U.S. arieal flight surveys confirm the eastern Arctic has no sign of spring so far.

“I have lived in Churchill since the 1950s, and this the latest spring I have ever seen here,” said local resident Pat Penwarden. “The spring of 1962 was almost this bad.”

Six-foot snowdrifts blocked Churchill-area roads. A thick blanket of snow, in places three- and four-feet deep, coated 90 per cent of the local taiga in northern Manitoba.

Remember, Congress on Friday is going to vote to raise taxes $3,000 per family per year and obliterate 3,000,000 jobs in the name of ManBearPig. (Which the legislation would do practically nothing to alleviate anyway.)

ManBearPig, you're needed in Canada. I'm totally cereal.

ManBearPig, you're needed in Canada. I'm totally cereal.



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4 responses to “How’s that “Scientific Consensus” working out for ya?

  1. My hubby and son were up there fishing in early June…they said there weren’t many bugs, yet.

  2. Cylar

    I have 3 closely-related questions for all those who subscribe to the theory of manmade GW, and who also believe that it’s a threat:

    Would you feel better if the science showed that the Earth was getting colder…due to the same human activity now believed to be warming the planet?

    More to the point, would the idea of growing, thickening polar ice caps make you feel optimistic? Would you be comfortable with the idea of massive glaciers advancing down over Canada and northern Europe?

    In a your opinion, would a colder planet somehow be a good thing? I really want to know.

  3. Paddy

    How many times in your life will you feel you have to rely on the US Senate to save the state of this nation? This is one of them. The House passed the climate bill; a G-d awful piece of legislation that at its core just gives the US Government more control over our lives and will most certainly result in not only higher taxes but higher costs for everything. From the power to your house to the cost of the good you buy.

  4. The Doktor

    Good questions, Cylar.

    My question would be, ”If no one can accurately predict the weather 5 days in advance (on average, forecasting success is about 50% for a couple days in advance), then how in the world can anyone say what the climate is going to be like in 5-10 years? 20 years? 100 years?”

    Are we the only ones without a huge IDIOT stamped on our foreheads? The sun kinda does what it wants when it wants and it is THE largest influence on climate changes. Certainly, an insignificant increase of CO2 in the atmosphere over a 10 year period is not going to matter much. Unless you’re a plant, and then it’s a damn good thing.

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