Death Spasms of the Welfare State

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Fat Lazy and Stupid is no way to go through life

Fat Lazy and Stupid is no way to go through life

Is the welfare state sustainable? I don’t think so. Societally, we’re all trust fund kids living off of what previous generations built up. We’ve already burned through the savings and now, under Obama, we’re mortgaging the family estate to maintain the lifestyle a little longer.

These high levels of welfare can’t be supported without higher taxes. Higher taxes choke off economic growth, raising welfare costs. It is a vicious and terminal cycle, although it will take some time before we hit rock bottom; at which point the welfare state collapses completely and everyone has to go back to working their asses off. This is exactly what happened in China over hundreds of years, but will happen more rapidly here.

In my faith, we speak of a “Cycle of Apostasy,” which works like this:

1. Nations follow God and Prosper
2. Prosperity leads to decadence and turning away from God.
3. Turning away from God leads to destruction.
4. Those who follow God rebuild the nation and prosper.

You can remove God from the equation and it works the same way.

1. Nations prosper through hard work and self-denial.
2. Prosperity leads to self-indulgence and profligacy.
3. Self-indulgence and profligacy squander the national wealth and weaken the national spirit.
4. Those who survive and rebuild are those who retain the values of self-denial and hard work.

Let’s face it, folks. Many of our people have become fat and lazy off the prosperity built by the hard work and self denial of earlier generations. The majority political party in our country is the one that says, “Don’t work too hard” and “Morality is for suckers.” A lot of people are in for a rude awakening.


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