The Capital B Witches of Capitol Hill

Barbara Boxer to General: “You will address me as senator, not ma’am.” Do male senators get pissy when addressed as sir?

When my son was in middle school, a teacher gave him an office referral for saying, “Yes ma’am” because “it made me feel old.” We thought she was a bitch, too.

And Babs is not the only Capitol Hill See-You-Next-Tuesday with a broomstick up her hoo hoo dillyMarxist Moonbat  Jim McDermott’s Elizabeth Becton has an email hissy-fit when some peon outrageously refers to her as “Liz”.

Apparently, Elizabeth Becton, a.k.a. Ratched is well-known for being a complete bitch:

Does Lizzy Becton have a son named Kyle?

Does Lizzy Becton have a son named Kyle?

  • On Monday, Ms. Ratched sent an all staff email. Apparently someone (read: me), left a single sheet of paper in the copy machine. This half-second of inconvenience to her is interpreted as some great offense. Her pettiness has thus translated into an office-wide expression of annoying, pointless, unfocused passive-aggressive deprecation.
  • Ratched was on a tear today, biting at everyone and anyone in sight. I dealt with a man from the copy machine company and she acts like I just gave away state secrets by letting him check the serial number on the damn thing.
  • Ratched once got all condescending and nasty with me for not telling a tour group that I was “just an intern.” I never said I wasn’t an intern, and in fact told them I was an intern when they asked me what my job was. A constituent had asked me how I got the job, I’d told him: that was the end of the conversation. Ratched dresed me down, saying that “You don’t have a business card. You are not paid. You not an employee here. You were being… subversive.”

I suggest everyone email Ms. Becton with the message, “Hey, lizzy, lighten up.”


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One response to “The Capital B Witches of Capitol Hill

  1. Cylar

    I’d rather just call the gun-grabbing loser an “ex-Senator.”

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