Think of Teh Canadians!

I had lunch with a returned missionary from Canada on Saturday. (A great guy who left for BYU yesterday.) He told me that when people in the city he was serving in (Winnipeg) got sick, they made a run for the border, because they knew their Canadian Health Care was useless. What will Canadians do if the USA adopts their same crappy system?

It could happen here.

It could happen here.



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5 responses to “Think of Teh Canadians!

  1. shaku_bert

    I’m a Winnipeger and I am one of those who chose the USA for medical service. Whilst training for the annual Manitoba Marathon, my knee was beset by excruciating pain. I went to a sports doc who said I should get an MRI. I waited 4 months to get it done (it’s a rationed service). The results were torn cartilege so I was referred to a surgeon. I had to wait another 4 months to see him. During this time I was in terrible pain and, never mind training for marathons, it was getting hard to get around. The surgeon said that he’d operate on me but, as surgery time is limited, I would be looking at an 8 – 12 month wait. I went home and phoned a clinic in Fargo, North Dakota. 3 days later I went down and had the procedure done.

    Canadians who support centralized medicare say that they do so because all Canadians must be equal and that there must not be “two tiered medicine” where richer Canadians get better medical care than poorer Canadians. The reality is that the second tier already exists for affluent Canadians and it is south of the border with the draw back for all of Canada is that the money spent by Canucks on health care in the US is that it is wealth that is transfered out of Canada forever.

    Anyone looking to Canada for a better system is insane. It is the definition of mediocrity. That is not to say that the US system shouldn’t be reformed (All those Americans without insurance isn’t acceptable), but there are other models to look at. Why couldn’t a private system co-exist with a public system. MD’s could be forced to provide a certain amt of time into the public system while still running their private practice.

  2. The Doktor

    ”What will Canadians do if the USA adopts their same crappy system?”

    Certainly not swim over to England. I am going to make a prediction and say that aspirin sales will quadruple in Canada and the U.S. when ObamaCare is law. I will also predict that people will have much shorter life spans.

    Conversely, I predict that our wallets and savings will show a drastic reduction and will finally die from constant ObamaCare.

    Doktor Predestination

  3. The Doktor

    Oh, and I forgot. Terrance and Phillip will not be able to fart due to a massive build-up of Kraft Dinners and they will both subsequently explode and die a fiery, smelly death.

    Keith Olbermann will be heard ranting, ”Oh, the humanity, Buddy!”

  4. That horrible story illustrates the truth about Canadian health care and any government rationing system. Thanks Shaku_bert-

  5. The Doktor

    I did not see Shaku_bert’s post before (waiting for ‘approval’?) and it is a chilling story indeed. I only have one comment regarding:

    ”MD’s could be forced to provide a certain amt of time into the public system while still running their private practice.”

    In the US we used to call forced service ‘slavery’. Our new ‘leader’ calls it ”National and Community Service” and he is now suggesting everyone serve this summer and perhaps longer.

    For 2 decades my wife and myself have volunteered our time, effort, and money to help our community. We didn’t need anyone to tell, or force, us into it. And I am sure that a vast group of doctors already donate their time to help people. I know my cardiologist is doing it for me since I lost my job. (ProTime – blood – testing every month.)

    Forced servitude is not the American way. But since our president Hussein is one of the biggest American, and America, haters who knows what will happen in the next few months?

    America still has the best medical system in the world. Does it need meddling? Not by the government. This current Democrat controlled government shouldn’t be trusted with anything they don’t understand. That includes business and medicine. It’s scaring the crap out of me knowing they are in control of our military.

    BTW – One of the huge reasons drugs cost so much in America is because Canada will not allow the sale of American drug companies’ product without giving Canada a deep discount. Other countries do the same. So the drug companies raise our prices to cover their research & development costs. The alternative is what China is doing – reverse engineering the drugs and not buying from the U.S. and not paying drug companies for the privilege of using patented drugs. Wal-Mart’s $4 prescriptions are usually drugs made in India or China. Beware.

    Doktor Dubious

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