Like a Typical Lib, Obama Doesn’t Give a Damn About Human Rights

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Chairman Zero’s response to the transparently fraudulent “elections” in Iran and subsequent protests is telling indeed. He assures the “winner” Ahmadinnerjacket that he pledges to continue working with them; i.e. continuing to mutter an occasional half-hearted “tsk-tsk” while the world’s foremost terror regime develops nuclear weapons. And to the protesters in the streets whose skulls are being broken by Ahmadinnerjacket’s thugs the message is… studied indifference.

This is typical left-liberal behavior and should come as a surprise to no one. Chairman Zero is an avowed Neo-Marxist, and as such is in solidarity with anti-American regimes around the world. He no more cares about the people being bludgeoned in the streets of Teheran than Bill Clinton cared about the 800,000 Tutsis and Hutus in Africa, or Jimmy Carter cared about the treatment of Soviet Dissidents.

For the matter, how many times have we heard from the left the Saddam Hussein should have been left alone to continue butchering his own people because “He was in a box and no threat to us.” Sounds like many on the left don’t care if brown people are being tortured, gassed, and brutalized, as long as it’s an enemy of America that’s doing it. Back in the seventies, the liberal-left high-fived itself over ending the Vietnam War, indifferent to the millions butchered by Communists in its aftermath.

Leftists don’t care about human rights, they only care about posturing about human rights. They raise a snit fit because some terrorist at Gitmo isn’t getting four-star spa treatment; while on the other side of the minefields and razor wire, some 11,000,000 Cubans are denied basic freedoms, forced to live in horrific poverty while the Communist elite whose boots are on their necks amass vast fortunes in overseas banks.  The most a leftist is willing to do is slap a “Free Tibet” or “Stop the Genocide in Darfur” bumper-sticker on his Prius. He will then turn around and vote for the Far Left Democrats like Obama, Pelosi, McDermott, and Kerry who will enable and appease the thugs and dictators who commit the atrocities they claim to oppose.

Appeasement... it means liberals don't have to get their well-manicured hands dirty

Appeasement... it means liberals don't have to get their well-manicured hands dirty


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7 responses to “Like a Typical Lib, Obama Doesn’t Give a Damn About Human Rights

  1. The Doktor


    I see what you’re saying. I often wonder if we would have attacked Iraq if surrounding circumstances were different. For example, if Islam was really the Religion of Peace it’s followers purport it to be.

    Everything depends on the President at the time, however, and Hussein is ‘light in the briefs’ in that department. Reagan or G.W. Bush would have seen the human implications and taken proper measures.

    What a lot of the mouth breathing Leftists (have you seen that ‘Whale’ program’s captain?) don’t take into account that if any country, or group of countries, withhold their oil from our country it would mean the breakdown of our society. Let’s talk about blood for oil then.

    I’ve been pondering as to what type of threat America can still muster if we came down to a situation not unlike 9/11. It will certainly take time for Hussein to talk to the multitudes of advisors he must have.

  2. I wish you were wrong, but after Hillary’s sell-out of both the Chinese democracy movement and the Tibetans this spring, I fear you’re right. I say “fear” because the Obama Administration will be with us for the next four years, and the Democratic Congress for at least another two years. Meanwhile, US corporations (and consumers) continue to strengthen China through trade. They recycle the profits as campaign contributions, greasing palms, and and the wheel just keeps turning…you want human rights, don’t rely on governments or leaders. Take direct action. Boycott anything and everything with the made in China label.

  3. The Doktor


    Thanks. It’s really nice to be able to post remarks on your blog. When I get a bug up my butt enough to want to make a post how would I contact you? You have my email – please let me know.

    The Doktor

  4. Cylar

    The most a leftist is willing to do is slap a “Free Tibet” or “Stop the Genocide in Darfur” bumper-sticker on his Prius.

    I once asked one of these people how exactly the Tibetians would be freed, other than by military means, which of course she opposed in all circumstances.

    Needless to say, she didn’t have an answer for me. Stammered something about the Dali Lama would never allow a foreign country to fight on his behalf…and changed the subject.

  5. The Doktor


    You have given just one, single example of how the Left is hypocritical beyond belief. Just like PETA, who now is chastising Hussein for killing (are you ready for this?) a fly. Not so much that he ‘killed’ it but that he did it with such glee and was proud that he ‘destroyed a life’. Now, find out what PETA’s member’s views on abortion are. Since they are, without a doubt, all Leftists they are probably for scrambling the brains of an unborn human life. But a fly . . . .

    Tip of the iceberg.

    Doktor Guileless

  6. Cylar

    I also enjoy Doktor’s comments.

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