Why The Left Hates Sarah

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Many conservatives profess themselves mystified at the hatred and vitriol the left heaps on Sarah Palin… not only insulting her, but as indicated in the previous item, now even attacking her young daughters. Where does this hate come from? Well, it comes from the left, which is the place where hatred is encouraged. But if you peel back the onion a little, I think most of the hate is from some combination of three reasons:

Liberal women hate Sarah Palin because she reminds liberal women of the pretty, smart, successful cheerleaders they hated in high school. Worse, instead of peaking in high school, like pretty, smart, cheerleader types are supposed to, she went on to have a great career and she’s married to a solid hunk instead of some whiny metrosexual. Liberal men hate Sarah Palin because she’s a good-looking woman who loves the outdoors, and they compare her to the spoiled, temperamental shrews that liberal women become… and their envy drives them to hate her, too. Also, because the liberal, temperamental shrews they shack up insist that they hate her. (This is also part of the hate against attractive women on the right generally.)

When her daughter developed an unexpected pregnancy, and when she discovered her child was special needs, Sarah didn’t do what liberals want women to do in those situations: have the baby killed for her convenience. Deep down, liberals know abortion is a horrific and selfish act. They use metaphors like “choice” and “reproductive rights” to hide this from themselves, and they tell themselves that conservative, Christian women would also kill their babies rather than suffer the inconvenience of an unwanted pregnancy or an imperfect child. Sarah Palin really burst their bubbles on those counts, and laid bare the guilt and shame they feel for advocating such a barbaric practice.

General Hatred of All That Is Good and Decent
Sarah Palin approached her daughter’s unexpected pregnancy and her own special needs baby with love, compassion, dignity, and respect for the gift of life. Naturally, people who lack any semblance of those qualities hate her for it.

Not to mention, some people just need to hate. So they become leftists, because it’s okay to hate from the left if you pick the acceptable targets.

Voted "Worst Person in the World" by People Against Goodness and Normalcy

Voted "Worst Person in the World" by People Against Goodness and Normalcy



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3 responses to “Why The Left Hates Sarah

  1. The Doktor


    You Betcha!

    Mostly, though, people hate Governor Sarah Palin because the media tells them to hate Governor Sarah Palin.

    The Doktor

  2. SAd but true, Doktor. Ya ever see the video over at HowObamaGotElected.com? The one that has the Obamatards answering questions about the candidates? They even had some dumbasses thinking a TINA FEY QUOTE was attributed to Palin!

    Baa, baa, baa goes the Obamatard mindset

  3. The Doktor


    Yes, I saw that video when it came out right after the election. If I run across the ‘percentage breakdown’ results I will post them here.

    Doktor Jay Walker

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