Dangerous Kook Agreed with Kostards and Jeremiah Wright on most Things

Post by Gregory of Yardale

The left is seeking to portray yesterday’s Holocaust Museum shooter as, basically, a typical rightwing dittohead. Because, hey, if we’re all dangerous, it gives Dear Leader and Janet “Aunt Butch” Napolitano cause to clamp down on us.

As usual, the truth is somewhat at odds with the left-wing meme. Lawhawk has a good summary:

He was a 9/11 Troofer (a conspiracy theorist claiming that the US government and Jews were behind the attack).

He was a white supremacist and anti Semite and had links to various members of different white supremacist movements.

He was a Holocaust denier.

He was anti-Christian, claiming that Christianity brought the downfall of the Roman Empire and that Christianity was a hoax.

He also apparently believed that President Obama’s background was being hidden from the public.

He was an anti-Bush kook. More to the point, he was anti-government and had been for decades.

Maybe if this guy had gotten his own shown on MSDNC, he wouldn’t have been so angry. (Hey, if they gave Ed Schulz a show…)

Srsly, though, if you go to a site like stormfront-dot-org, you see the exact same anti-corporate, anti-Bush, anti-Israel rhetoric you see at DailkyKooks and Puffington Host.

Brunn was a racist son of a bitch. He also hated Israel and capitalism.

Brunn was a racist son of a bitch. He also hated Israel and capitalism.


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