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Mandible Claw at Moonbattery, regarding David Letterman’s crude rape and prostitution jokes about Bristol and Willow Palin:

— Multimillionaire male celebrity in his 60s (or however the f*ck old Letterman is) knocks up horse-faced slag; marries babymomma half a decade later..

— Attractive teenage girl gets knocked up by attractive (so I’m told) teenage guy who she at least thinks she’s in love with..

One of these people is more of a joke than the other.

I just don't find jokes about raping 14 year old girls as funny as I used to.

I just don't find jokes about raping 14 year old girls as funny as I used to.


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  1. The Doktor

    I have read a lot of different articles about this hateful toad and have seen the video of the ‘jokes’ (remarks, actually) he has made.

    He’ll be lucky to just lose his job over this. CBS would be wise to let this guy go – new contract or not. His career has stopped off into the . . . Cosmo Zone.

    I have contacted CBS and have told them that Letterman’s sponsors are just the tip of the boycott iceberg. We Conservatives have a huge impact on these corporations if we band together to refuse to do business with their sponsors. We must tell the sponsors WHY we are not buying their goods or services any longer, too.
    On The Border Restaurants
    Best Western
    Earn My Degree
    True Credit by TransUnion
    Mars Candy
    Capitol One
    Embassy Suites

    A couple of weeks or months of serious drops in business is an enormous message to send to CBS and the enablers of people like Letterman.

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