8 Simple Truths the Left Won’t Admit

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

I would have an easier time giving leftists a bit of credit if they would concede a few self-evident truths:

1. Dear Leader Obama is lost at sea without a Teleprompter.

2. The media’s fawning adoration of Dear Leader relieves them of any shred of credibility in discussing his policies.

3. Dear Leader’s massive deficits are far, far worse than those of Bush, and deficits began exploding as soon as the Democrats took congress in 2007 after several years of reduction.

4. Dear Leader Obama’s refusal to release his college transcripts strongly suggests that his academic performance was mediocre at best.

5. The media use a distinct double standard when covering Republican scandals versus Democrat scandal; and Democrats largely do not hold their elected officials (Garry Studds, Charlie Rangel, Gavin Newsom) to the same standards that Republicans are held. A Republican would never had been confirmed as Treasury Secretary if he had been found to have been cheating on his taxes.

5a. Also, while it is off-limits to make comments about the progeny of Democrats like Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and Al Gore, suggesting the rape of Sarah Palin’s daughter is okay. (The same crew that refuses to make jokes about Dear Leader.)

6. Even if Global Warming is happening, the “solutions” proposed for it — like Cap and Trade — enact high costs for negligible effect, especially if major polluters such as China, India, Mexico, and Brazil are exempted. Most of the solutions proposed by the left are based on social control. If the left honestly wants to address the problem, and isn’t just using it as an excuse to expand power, then why is the emphasis on social control instead of technology?

7. Democrats knew about and approved of ‘advanced interrogation techniques,‘ but only made a big deal out of them later for political reasons; tarnishing Bush as a path back to power.

8. Christian Fundamentalists are not equivalent to Muslim Fundamentalists. Christian Fundamentalists aren’t strapping on bombs and blowing up gay bars; much less hijacking airplanes and crashing them into buildings. Christianity, by and large, abhors violence. If a Presbyterian minister said things like, “the Jews are the brothers of pigs and monkeys,”  or “Whoever changes his religion from Christianity, kill him,or called for the death of all homosexuals, he would be run out of the church no matter how furiously he backpedaled.  Yet Imams say these sorts of things all the time, and liberals shrug it off. The Islamic Theocracy in Iraq executes homosexuals daily, while Christians are merely counseled to pray for their souls. Where is the equivalence?

Given these facts, it’s unlikely that a Christian Theocracy would in any way resemble an Islamic Theocracy. But beyond that, leftist are outraged that Christians seek to have any voice in government at all. All Christians do is engage in democracy, in organizing to petition their government for a redress of grievances. If it is okay for the progressive left to organize through MoveOn and ACORN, why is it wrong for the Religious Right to organize through the Christian Coalition?

Broadly, the right is pretty open about admitting the shortcomings of the politicians who supposedly represented us. No one on the right denied that GW Bush was often tongue-tied and spent recklessly, or that Rush Limbaugh is bombastic and has a messy personal history. But the left seems unwilling to concede that their side is anything less than perfect.

If the left were more honest about reality … ROFLMAO…  it might be more possible to debate them constructively on matters of policy. But when an opponent refuses to concede what is obviously true, how can you take him seriously in debating the merits of policies that are less obviously true?

Why can't they just admit the obvious?

Why can't they just admit the obvious?

Thanks to Eric at Moonbattery for helping with this post (items 6 + 7).


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One response to “8 Simple Truths the Left Won’t Admit

  1. The Doktor

    I find it extremely difficult to discuss political and economical issues with people when I find out they don’t know what in the heck the truth is. They ‘believe’ Barney Frank when he blames the failure of Fannie, Freddie, and the banks squarely on Bush’s shoulders. Or they have no clue who George Soros is. Or the current budget deficit with record setting expenditures for stuff no one knows ‘for what’ (well, almost no one – Hussein knows) is also all Bush’s fault. They believe Palin actually said she can see Russia from her window. BDS. PDS. Worse, they believe that Hussein is a natural born American citizen and a genius and he has never heard Rev. Wright’s hateful ”G-D America” rant – ever. Anyway, it seems not to matter to them so it puts any discussion on a different moral plane than any sensible person.

    You see? Difficult.

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