Prisoners at San Quentin relish the good life

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Murderers Unwilling to Give Up the Good Life in California’s Poshest Prison. California could make a billion dollars off the sale of the prime real estate San Quentin sits on. But the thugs and murderers incarcerated therein fear the loss of their “Shakespearean drama program, football, baseball, basketball, soccer and tennis teams and the Prison University Project, which offers inmates real classroom learning leading to Associates of Arts degrees.”

The state’s oldest, most famous prison has a variety of programs, including college courses and sports teams that play with outside community leagues…

On a recent visit, the tennis team was practicing. Inmates with a clear natural talent worked on projects commissioned by the prison in the art studio. And members of one of the newest peer-run club, Alliance for Change …(cough, cough)… which prepares inmates for life outside, waited in line to sing San Quentin’s praises.

Yeah, that’s right, while the rest of us work our keisters off, murderers get to play tennis and paint on our dime. And then they whine because they might have to be moved away from the cultural amenities of the Bay Area. And the state is going broke paying for their lifestyle.


Life (without the possibility of parole) is good.

Life (without the possibility of parole) is good.

by gregory


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  1. They should put Joe Apario in charge of all the federal and state prisons.

    Check this out if ya haven’t read it yet.

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