Regular Old Guy Clarence Thomas gives high school graduation speech.  Two high school seniors strike up a conversation with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas — flying coach (Dustin Curtis was just overcome with the vapors) —  and he ends up speaking at their graduation. Gee, what a compelling personal story. (Or are only far left race-baiters like Sonia Sotomayor allowed to have compelling personal stories?)

Moonbat Dutch Journalist, kidnapped and raped by Taliban, praises her captors. Maybe it wasn’t rape, maybe they were just hate-f–king her. Leftists tell me there’s a big difference. On that note, Feminist Gorgon Bonnie Erbe says Conservative Women are asking to be hate-f–ked. Conservative politics, you see, is the short-skirt that allows the new left to do violence against conservative women.

The American media sounds more and more like the North Korean media. Fawning odes to the Dear Leader are the order of the day. And every day, it gets harder to tell which media are gushing about their leader more: “The President/Dear Leader said he was concerned not for his personal comfort and the happiness of his family, but was focused on building prosperity for all the people of his great country.” Who said it? Can you tell? (It’s an actual quote, I just neutralized the giveaway language without changing the sentiment.)

In enlightened, progressive Holland, schoolgirls sidelining in prostitution is becoming quite the phenom. Because, you see, Europeans are so much more enlightened than us poor, provincial hicks. We conservative Christians are just stupid for thinking legalized drugs, legal prostitution and gay marriage lead to any kind of decay in society’s moral standards.

Joy Behar, a.k.a. “Dumbest Bitch in the Universe” says, Baptism = Waterboarding. The next thing you know, some group will declare that taking a shower is equivalent to waterboarding. Based on the smell of most left-wing protesters, it wouldn’t be a hard sell.

Unsurprisingly, given the previous item, a study from Airstrip One indicates Television makes children stupider. Which may explain the last item…

Student Ends Marijuana Legalization Speech by Firing Up a Doobie. The school sent him to juvie. Good thing it wasn’t tobacco, or he would have been expelled and executed by the Cig Police.


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