The MSM’s California Dilemma

Which Democrat will California’s media endorse in the primary? The two front-runners both seem to be fairly equally matched in the kind of credentials that matter to the liberal press:

How to decide.  They both have such “compelling personal stories,” but which is more compelling? Which man is the bigger victim? Who is the Queen for a Day whose personal sob-story and train-wreck of a personal life makes him most fit to govern the largest state in the union?

When it came to Hillary versus Obama, it was an easy choice; in the liberal heirarchy, Black trumps woman. But the liberal left is still not sure whether Hispanic trumps gay. OK, Gavin Newsom isn’t actually gay, but he’s kind of an honorary gay; he supports gay marriage and is Mayor of Gayville. Does honorary gay trump genuine hispanic? Not ordinarily, but gay marriage is such a huge issue to the celebrity caste at the present time, honorary gay might be good enough. But just to be safe, maybe Gavin should get himself an illegal immigrant boyfriend named Pablo. But then, Antonio might start shooting heroin and go to rehab, just to balance the books.

I guess the liberal-left media could set aside considerations of which one has more victim-group street cred and just decide based on his abilities and merit.

Sorry, after typing that last sentence, I laughed so hard I hurt myself.

Ultimately, if either candidate really wants the job, he should make the ultimate sacrifice, and then present himself as California’s first trans-gendered candidate for governor.

He’d be a titanium lock.

Is there anyone freaky enough to be Governor of Mexifornia?

Is there anyone freaky enough to be Governor of Mexifornia?


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