Allahu Akhbar, Comrades!

Hugo Chavez has thrown in the towelie and admitted, Obama’s a Bigger Socialist than I am. Apparently, nationalizing GM put Chairman Zero out in front.

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said on Tuesday that he and Cuban ally Fidel Castro risk being more conservative than U.S. President Barack Obama as Washington prepares to take control of General Motors Corp.

Yes, compared to Chairman Zero, Hugo Chavez is a running dog capitalist.

And Chairman Zero, who previously denied that the U.S.A. was a Christian nation, now claims the U.S.A. is a Muslim country. So the U.S.A. is now a Muslim-Socialist country. What does that make us, like, Kazakhstan or something?

Not only are we all socialists now, we're apparently Muslims.

Not only are we all socialists now, we're apparently Muslims.



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2 responses to “Allahu Akhbar, Comrades!

  1. The Doktor

    Although the goat still sounds like Stevie Nicks, Hussein has always sounded like a Muslim to me. Here he talks, inadvertently, of his ”Muslim Faith” –

    ‘My Muslim Faith’

    With a suck-up save by Stephie, of course. Quick recovery, wasn’t it?

  2. “And how can this be? For Obama is the Kwisatz Haderach!”

    Actually what he wants to convince the Muslim world is that he is “Al Mahdi”.

    And many are being convinced of just that.

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