While you were sleeping…

Post by Gregory of Yardale.

“How come these people get to lay us off. We never elected a car czar. Yet people out of nowhere that someone just appointed get to run our lives.” – Unidentified Autoworker

Silly little prole, what did you think this was? A free-market democratic republic? You elected a progressive socialist and you’re surprised to find him acting like a progressive socialist? This is what they do, they appoint inexperienced 31 year old cronies to positions of power because they have found favor with the Dear Leader  — just like Bush did with Michael Brown and FEMA, and just like Kim Jong-Il did when he appointed his successor.

We’ve lost 16,000 jobs every day the Chicago Thug has been in office. The free market is dead, killed by unions, politicians, and corporate executives. The economy is political, and in a political economy, people are not put into power on the basis of merit. It’s politics. This is how mediocrities like Barack Obama, Sonia Sotomayor, and Joe Biden get to positions of power. Because while you were paying your union dues and watching American Idol, they were rigging the system with ACORN and a news media that functions as nothing but a propaganda arm for the progressive state. They kept you sedated with Oprah telling you you could avoid aging by injecting estrogen into your vajayjay. Your brain had already turned into mush by the time the evening news was on, and you stared glassy-eyed at the screen while Katie Couric chirped about how everything bad was Bush’s fault.

Worse yet, you believed them when they promised you free health care, free education for your kids, and free “green jobs” and they could pay for it all with other people’s money. And you went along with it, because you were so, so mad at George W. Bush because… because… because if you didn’t hate him, all your friends would think there was something wrong with you because everybody hated Bush except for stupid rednecks and Bible Thumpers, and you didn’t want people to think you were a stupid redneck Bible Thumper did you?

You abdicated your responsibility as a citizen. You failed to give critical thought to the kind of people you put in power. And now, you’re out of a job. Maybe Dear Leader will find you a job sorting garbage at the recycling center, or scrubbing bird residue off wind turbines. Those are the jobs proles do in the new green economy.

The avalanche has begun. It’s too late for the pebbles to vote.

His authoritah... you will respect it.

His authoritah... you will respect it.



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5 responses to “While you were sleeping…

  1. dogmom

    It’s a pity that conservative “leaders” don’t have the cojones to state exactly what is said in this blog! Citizens might actually be thrilled that a politican is being honest with them for once.

  2. I guess conservative “leaders” are too afraid to tell voters the truth. Which is why it’s left to us who have nothing to lose.

  3. The Doktor

    I know a Chrysler worker who is still mad at Bush for all of the ‘hard times’ he went through during Bush’s administration. I guess waking up is hard to do.

    (My apologies to Neil Sedaka.)

  4. DGA

    Well said Gregory. It’s a pity that B. Hussein’s skin colour won’t get these poor UAW obama voters a new career, whish is why so many voted for him in the first place. We all get to suffer the consequences now.

  5. Cylar

    Heh. My favorite is when I’m told it’s still “racist” to criticize Jugears.

    93% percent of black voters, voted for this clown. Ninety-three percent. That’s well beyond the reach of statistical probability…that these voters had anything in mind other than skin color.

    You tell me who the racists are.

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