Embracing His Inner Muslim

Posted by Atomic Lib Smasher

I’ve always wondered where NoBama lies with his spirituality. Even though it’s been rumored Obama studied at a madrassa when he was younger, Obama’s African family does practice Islam, and being that his full name is Barack Hussein Obama… he told us during the 2008 campaign that he was not a Muslim and was a Christian. A little harder to believe when you see what type of church he went to for 20 years.

So this story comes out and explodes all over the blogosphere: Obama Says U.S. Is One Of The Largest Muslim Nations.

As President Obama prepared to leave Washington to fly to the Middle East, he conducted several television and radio interviews at the White House to frame the goals for a five-day trip, including the highly-anticipated speech Thursday at Cairo University in Egypt.

In an interview with Laura Haim on Canal Plus, a French television station, Mr. Obama noted that the United States also could be considered as “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

Well, according to Chairman Zero, we certainly aren’t a Christian nation. But is he really a Muslim? It’s extremely hard to tell, but doing things such as inviting the “Death To America” crowd to our Independence Day parties and saying such things as the West needs to “educate ourselves more effectively on Islam”, I’m finding this a little hard to swallow that Obama is not a Manchurian Candidate for Islam.

The inner self can only be caged for so long.

The inner self can only be caged for so long.

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2 responses to “Embracing His Inner Muslim

  1. Yes… and declaring the US the world’s largest Muslim nation shows the arrogance and ignorance of this administration. This statement alone ruins any credibility He was building with the Muslim world.

    Obama’s trip to the Middle East will be worth watching for entertainment value. He has some very strange objectives ( for a top ten list of these strange objectives, you can view: http://firstconservative.com/blog/political-humor/political-humor-obama-abroad )

    Ultimately, the Chosen One intends to make America into something less American.

  2. The Doktor

    Rahm: How many times have I told you not to let on to your ultimate goal! You will fail with these types of mistakes. Not everyone is as stupid as the U.S. media!

    Hussein: Hey! You wanna order out for arugula pizza?

    Aunt Ester: Not tonight, Hussy. You promised me that I could go on a shopping trip with the girls in New York. Fire up the chopper, AF1, and saddle up the SS goons and let’s get going!! I’m tired of this First Lady crap!

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