Dustin Curtis is a Douchenozzle

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Post by Gregory of Yardale

So, we’ve got unemployment at 9% and rising, we’ve got millions out of work, perhaps millions more about to be laid off. The country is essentially bankrupt, and this guy is whining about doorknobs that feel cheap and simpering because the receipt on his thousand dollar restaurant tab wasn’t written in calligraphy on hand-made parchment.

These comments are in the context of talking about the luxurious estate of some Bay Area Stephen Fowler type (his way of saying ‘Look who I get to hang with. Aren’t you impressed?’) and bragging about a meal that would buy two months of groceries for a family of four. (Once again, aren’t you so impressed?) I guess I’m supposed to envy a lifestyle that permits one to bitch about the quality of doorknobs and receipts, but I don’t.

Maybe it’s because I’m a conservative hick from flyover country that I don’t get why people need to show off and  whine about stupid crap like this. But, my lifestyle is built around using things and loving people, not the other way around.

John Edward is going to have stiff competition this year.

John Edward is going to have stiff competition this year.



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4 responses to “Dustin Curtis is a Douchenozzle

  1. Don’t think that was his actual receipt.

  2. By all means, let’s only concern ourselves with common denominators. If we can’t all experience something, then what right does anyone have to consider it?

  3. Judith M.

    A $150 gratuity for waiting on a table of two? Why bother going to college?

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