About that “Big Tent”

The Colin Powell – Tom Ridge – T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII wing of the Republican Party (a.k.a “Republicans for Obama”) keep insisting that the Republican party needs to be a “big tent” party, and to accomplish same by kicking Evangelical Christians (the ones who actually believe in Jesus Christ and don’t see church a daycare and social club type thing), pro-lifers, tax protesters, “nativists” (i.e., those who support secure borders), and global warming skeptics out of the tent.

Let’s consider this:

– Christian Evangelicals are ~40% of the population.
– Pro-Lifers make up 51% of the population
66% of voters in the most liberal state in the country voted down tax increases. Consistent with other polls that show 66% of voters prefer lower taxes and smaller government.
41% of the public is skeptical of Global Warming hysteria. And the number is rising.
66% of the public opposes Amnesty and wants the borders secured.

Couple these figures with the facts that Democrats already have a lock on the secular, pro-abortion, big government, ManBearPig vote, illegal immigrant vote and… tell me, how does tossing out the Christians, the pro-lifers, the tax protesters, and the climate skeptics get the Republicans back in power?

Colin Powell advises the Republican Party.


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2 responses to “About that “Big Tent”

  1. HA! Sealab 2021! I used to love that show. Although Captain Murphy would more than likely be a better president than Obama. I don’t recall Murphy ever mistaking a door for a window.

  2. Conservative Republicans are proposing a 10-point checklist gauging proper adherence to core principles of the party. This approach reminds me of Moody’s Fundamentals of Christianity, which began the fundamentalist movement. For more, I recommend http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/the-fundamentals-of-the-gop/

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